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Sep 29 '11

College Football Week 4 Results

Notre Dame (-7.5) @ Pittsburgh
Pick: ND
Result: 15-12 ND, LOSS

Well, this game was miserable. If you watched, I’d like to apologize on behalf of Notre Dame for the pathetic excuse of a football game you watched. A win is a win, but this was just ugly.

#2 LSU (-6.5) @ #16 WVU
Pick: LSU
Result: 47-21 LSU, WIN
Hooooooooooo boy LSU is not messing around yall. Jarett Lee is proving to be a highly competent quarterback, which nobody would’ve expected quite honestly. The real story though was LSU’s D and special teams. Morris Claiborne had a 99 yard TD return that had people evoking the name of Patrick Peterson. Tyrann Mathieu had a gorgeous pick that also let me know people have started calling him the Honey Badger, because he takes what he wants and doesn’t give a fuck. This is awesome. This game led one football writer to say that LSU could probably beat half of the 1-A teams out there by just taking a knee every offensive play and letting their D and Special Teams go to work. (h/t Holly)

#14 Arkansas @ #3 Alabama (-12)
Pick: Bama
Result: 38-14 Bama, WIN
The Nick Saban death machine continues to roll on. If you aren’t scared of this team you are either already dead or welcome death openly.

#7 Oklahoma St @ #8 Texas A&M (-4)
Pick: A&M
Result: 30-29 Okie St, LOSS
This was an incredibly entertaining game that featured tons of offense and tons of times with each team trying to give the game away. The Aggies ended up out self-destructing the T.Boone’s and OSU came out with a huge home win.

#11 Florida St @ #21 Clemson (-2)
Pick: Florida St
Result: 35-30 Clemson, Loss
Again, so much fail, so little time in this game. Clemson got a huge upset over a now reeling Seminole team, just a week after breaking Auburn’s winning streak. Not a bad follow up Tigers.

Week: 2-3
Season: 9-10-1

Back under .500 so the I’m an idiot tag will make it’s triumphant return for this post. At least I know the SEC? How’d the rest of you fare?

Matt: Week: 0-5,WAMPPPPPPWAMPPPPPPPPPPP Season: 9-10-1. After what I believe is his 5th threat to never pick ND again, maybe the donut will make it stick. And yes, from now on, anyone going 0for get’s the Price is Right sad trombone. You must click this and accept your shame

Judson: Week: 2-3, Season: 7-12-1

Ryan: Week: 1-4, Season: 6-8-1

Kristin: Week: 1-4, Season: 5-14-1

Brian: Week: 2-3, Season: 4-15-1

Past players that took the week off:

Gimber: Season: 3-6-1

DLaw: Season: 1-3-1

Donnie: Season: 7-7-1

Come back tonight for this week’s picks. Good work kids.

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