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Sep 29 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 5 Picks

This week has some fantastic matchups once again. the 7o’clock spot is insanely packed, good thing I’ve got 2 working tvs now! < 3 u living in the future. After last week I slipped back below 50% because I’m a failure. Let’s rectify that weak noise, shall we? Play along post-jump:

Notre Dame (-12)@ Purdue
Pick: ND
After last week’s abortion, I’m hoping ND will  finally come out and put a game together. Thankfully, Purdue is horrible. They lost to Rice, yall. Rice is good at baseball and having a band that gets in trouble for mocking people. They are miserable at football however. This needs to be in the 28-35 point victory range to make me feel better about my life.

#8 Nebraska @ #7 Wisconsin (-10)
This line feels a bit big. That being said, Wisconsin’s offense has been terrifying this year due to a dual RB threat and ALL RUSSEL WILSON EVERYTHING mode. Nebraska has skill on both sides of the ball and will get Jared Crick back, but I don’t think their D will be able to handle the big, powerful OL that Wisconsin has. Wisconsin will wear down the Huskers and pull away to cover late in the 4th.

#3 Alabama (-4) @ #12 Florida
Pick: Bama
First, I refuse to go against Trent Richardson or the Nick Saban Death Machine until someone gives me a reason. I also think Florida is a bit overrated at this point in the year. Sure, Jeff Demps keeps breaking the sound barrier, but I don’t see Saban letting that happen more than once, regardless of how many sinks ol’ CW decides to throw. Coach Boom has had a great start in Gainesville, but I think the Swamp brought the line down about 4 points. Bama wins without too much worry.

#13 Clemson @ #11 Virginia Tech (-7)
Pick: Va Tech
Clemson is currently heating up after wins over FSU and Auburn. VT however will not derp around the way the Seminoles did in Death Valley last weekend. I expect another big game out of David Wilson for the Hokies and at least one ST play that leads to 23 BEAMERBALL tweets in a row. Also because Fuck Clemson.

#14 Texas A&M (-3) @ #18 Arkansas
Pick: Arkansas
A home SEC dog? That sounds delicious to me. The Aggies will be looking to come back after giving away the Okie St. game last week, but that second half sure did showcase a lot of holes in A&M. This will also be the Aggies first visit to an SEC school since their official induction to the SEC (set to take place next July). I expect the Arky crowd to be hyped and crazy for this one. Both teams average over 35 a game, so expect another shootout. This should be fun, but I’ll the home dog Hogs on this one. Sorry Matt.

EDIT: I’m an idiot, this game is in Jerryworld, not Arkansas. I still think Arkansas takes it, but scratch all the home dog stuff. My bad. Thanks Chris.

I honestly considered some bonus games this week. SCAR vs Auburn, Baylor vs KSt, and the mighty Ponies fighting for a frying pan or something against TCU all intrigued me for some reason or another. None enough to merit a bonus pick though. All but one of the players this year are under .500 with me (good work Don! But make picks this week), so come, join the fight against ineptitude in the comments below.

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