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Oct 4 '11

College Football Week 5 Results

Pretty good week for both myself, and others. Let’s get right to it.

Notre Dame (-12)@ Purdue
Pick: ND
Result: 38-10 ND, WIN

This was a beatdown from start to finish. Purdue made an interesting choice of putting Michael Floyd in single coverage, which led to him getting over 100 yards in the 1st half. With a big lead, ND decided to focus on the run in the 2nd, leading to Cierre Wood getting 191 yards (and proving he can fly) and Jonas Gray adding another 94. Best part of the game? 0 turnovers.

#8 Nebraska @ #7 Wisconsin (-10)
Result: 48-17 Wisconsin, MUSHROOM MUSHROOM…I mean WIN

Wow. This game was just violent. Nebraska looked like they were gonna hang in there in the early going, but then it really did become ALL RUSSELL WILSON EVERYTHING. Between Wisco doing what they wanted and Taylor Martinez giving the ball back to them 3 times, this got ugly. Wisconsin is super good, and it doesn’t look like the Big TenLevenWelve has anyone who can stop them this year.

#3 Alabama (-4) @ #12 Florida
Pick: Bama
Result: 38-10 Bama, WIN

Nick Saban’s Death Machine, once warmed up, rolled. Florida got off to a quick start, which a bomb TD to Andre Debose, and then did, well, nothing. Trent Richardson continues to validate my praise with 181 yards and 2 TDs. Not only did Florida lose the game, but it sounds like they lost John Brantley at least for this weekend.

#13 Clemson @ #11 Virginia Tech (-7)
Pick: Va Tech
Result: 23-3 Clemson, LOSS

Admittedly I paid very little attention to this game as it was stuck between the awesome afternoon games and awesome evening games, but wtf Clemson? Go back to being you already. David Wilson turned in a good game for the Hokies with 123 yards, but he was about the only one. Clemson avoided too many mistakes and used an effective run game to control this one from wire to wire.

#14 Texas A&M (-3) @ #18 Arkansas
Pick: Arkansas
Result: 42-38 Arkansas, WIN

Oh Aggies. Poor Aggies. This game, which was almost a repeat of last week’s loss to Okie St, was another collapse that caused people to laugh and wonder how the hell A&M has become the lynchpin of conferencepocalypse. We got the shootout as expected, but the Aggies saved most of their bullets for their own feet in the 2nd half for the 2nd straight week. Tough to lose a game when you have 648 yards of total offense, but Lord knows this year has taught us big O production doesn’t mean shit. Especially when you let your opponent throw for 510 yards. Even if I didn’t know where the hell the game was, at least I got the pick right. Not a great psuedo SEC debut.

Week: 4-1
Season: 13-11-1

Now that’s more like it. I need more of that. While mine was good, some of yall’s was better. The difference? Showmanship., Well, and being right on all 5.

Donnie: Week: 5-0, Season: 12-7-1 (karma points lost for the incorrect gratuitous prediction. While OU won, they did not win by 638 or get the title awarded. Dummy

Matt: Week: 4-1 Season: 13-11-1.

Judson: Week: 5-0, Season: 12-12-1

Ryan: Week: 2-3, Season: 8-11-1

Kristin: Week: 5-0, Season: 10-14-1

Brian: Week: 3-2, Season: 7-17-1

Gimber: Week: 3-2, Season: 6-8-1


Previous players that didn’t pick:

DLaw: Season: 1-3-1

3 people go perfect and get a new fun sound if they click there scores. Good work Don, Judson, and Beezy. You are all special people now. Come back Thursday for this week’s picks. Perhaps more of you can join the perfection club.

  1. olivertwisted said: I’m content with this new Clemson ;)
  2. samsplace said: 4 for 5 is a great week. Don’t follow college ball enough to wager but am impressed.
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