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Sep 17 '10

Week 3 College Football Picks

It certainly isn’t MONSTER SATURDAY RARRRRRRRR, but this week should have some solid matchups for us to enjoy. Will we see another team drop to a 1AA school? Will we have anymore hilarious upsets? Will I spend all of Saturday crying again? Let’s see what we’ve got, shall we?

Record to Date: 4-4-2

Notre Dame @ Michigan St. (-3.5)

Pick: ND. This shouldn’t surprise any of you at this point. Here’s the thing though, Notre Dame’s offense could barely be stopped when Dayne Crist was on the field. Not only that, but the defense finally doesn’t have to deal with a scrambling quarterback. The series between the Irish and the Spartans has been a crazy one the last decade. Hopefully the Irish can prompt MSU’s new head coach to have another reaction like this:

Pucker pucker pucker

#6 Texas (-3) @ Texas Tech

Pick: Texas. People are trying to say that because this game is in Lubbock at night that Tech is gonna pull off an upset. I’m here to tell you that not only is that not gonna happen, but that this game won’t even be close. Michael Crabtree isn’t coming out of that locker room. The talent disparity between these two teams is just too large. UT’s D is too good for Tech to put up enough points. This game will not even be close.

#8 Nebraska (-3.5) @ Washington

Pick: Nebraska. Jake Locker is very very good, there is no doubting that. That being said, I think Nebraska’s D will be able to contain him and the rest of the Husky offense while Taylor Martinez will put up enough points to get the win. No upset here.

#9 Iowa @ #24 Arizona (even $)

Pick: Iowa. There are two things I like about Iowa this year. First, they’ve got a solid defense and really know how to control the line of scrimmage. Second and more importantly, they have a true patriot leading their team, Ricky Stanzi:


#12 Arkansas @ Georgia (-2)

Pick: Arkansas. I realize this game is being played between the hedges, but no AJ Green and taking on Ryan Mallet and the Family Arm? I don’t think we see an upset from the Dawgs here. Sorry Matt-T, but Jerkwheatery takes this battle.

So there are your games kids, think you know better than me? Want to get on the scoreboard like the kids at the bottom of this post? Hit the reply or comments below. Hooray Football!

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