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You've gotta be smart, I mean, you've got a sportscoat
Oct 13 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 7 Picks

Welcome back my friends to the game that never ends. We’re so glad you could attend, step inside, step inside.  The Gambling Gods are clearly angry with last week’s success as the lines this week are just flat out bizarre. Many of them make no sense to me, so this could be interesting. With no ND on the slate Matt doesn’t get to make his 37th idle threat of picking them for the last time, and you all don’t have to read about a game none of you care about. Can I repeat perfection? Can Don hit 5-0 for a 3rd week in a row? Anyone else want to join the Hall of Legends? Jump around Last Week: 5-0
Season: 18-11-1

#6 Oklahoma St. (-8) @ #22 Texas
Pick: Okie St.
This line makes absolutely no sense. I mean, did they not see last week’s game? Does Vegas realize Okie St.’s offense is as good, if not, possibly better than OU’s? While the Cowboys don’t have the Sooner’s D, and surely UT won’t give the ball away 5 times again, I didn’t see anything that makes me think the Horns have the firepower to keep up with Blackmon and Co. This line feels absurdly low, which scares me.

#18 Arizona St @ #9 Oregon (-14)
Pick: Arizona St.
Part of this pick is based on the assumption that LaMichael James will not be playing after his elbow went in a direction no body part should last week. With no James, I think ASU covers this easily. However, even with James, I think this line is too high. Arizona St. has a solid defense this year, anchored by the absolute killing machine that is Vontaze Burfict. The offense has shown impressive scoring ability as well, and did you know their qb was 6’8?? If only someone broadcasting their games would tell us this amazing fact. #JeromeBettisisfromDetroit

#11 Michigan @ #23 Michigan St. (-1.5)
Pick: Michigan
Again, wtf Gamblor?? This line makes, once again, no sense. I don’t think MSU can stop Denard Robinson, that’s all there is to it. I get that this game is in East Lansing, but have no idea why Michigan is getting points.

#20 Baylor  @ #21 Texas A&M (-9)
Pick: Baylor
I’m gonna take RG3 and the points here. A&M damn near blew a halftime lead for a 3rd week in a row against Texas Tech last week. Texas Tech is not so much good. The Aggies may still pull this out, but that line seems too large.

Florida (-2) @ #24 Auburn
Pick: Florida
My usual rule with SEC is that home dogs are delicious money filled pinatas not to be ignored. HOWEVAH, that rule goes out the window here because Auburn is just not that good. How are they still ranked?? I have no idea. Yes, Florida got murrrrrrrrrdered by LSU last week,but Auburn’s D is not near the caliber of LSU’s. I’ll take the Gators here relying on their speedy backs and not forcing new Frosh QB Brisset to do too much.

So  there’s the slate. Some bizarre lines this week, but we were due for some of those. You know what to do. 

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