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Dec 2 '11

College Football Final Picks

This is the last week of the year kids. We’ve got 4 conference title games and one de facto title game. An important song before we get to work. Since the Pac 12 game is tomorrow we won’t be picking it, but let’s be serious. Oregon -ALL THE POINTS. Before we get to the picks, this goes out to all you lovely people who have been joining me on this journey throughout the year:

#14 Georgia “@” #1 LSU (-14)
SEC Championship Game - Atlanta
Pick: LSU

Georgia is on a fantastic run right now. Had I not watched LSU-Arkansas I’d think this was way too big of a line, especially in Atlanta. Granted, Tiger fans will travel, but it’s still in Georgia, and I hear they run the state. But dude, LSU is just nasty. Aaron Murray will avoid the Honey Badger, but as the meme goes, the Honey Badger cares not. I don’t see LSU losing this one. Their just that damn good.

#5 Virginia Tech (-7) “@” #20 Clemson
ACC Championship Game - Charlotte
Pick: VT

I’m super done picking Clemson ever. The Clemsoning happened, and then kept happening. Plus, the Hokies have David Wilson. Monte Ball and Trent Richardson have gotten most of the RB pub this year, but David Wilson is insanely good at carrying a football past, over, and through people wearing different color clothes than him. This could get ugly.

#15 Wisconsin (-10) “@” #13 Michigan State
Big TenLevenWelve Championship Game - Indianapolis
Pick: Wisco

I said this the 1st time they played, and I’ll say it again now: Michigan State is not that good. Notre Dame took them behind the woodshed. We’ve pretty thoroughly established that Notre Dame is not good. Factor in Wisconsin is going to be pissed at MSU for derailing what was, at the time, an undefeated year with a Hail Mary at the buzzer. Monte Ball is within striking distance of Barry Sanders’ Season TD record, and probably would’ve had it if he had gotten to play in more 4th qtrs this year.

#10 Oklahoma @ #3 Oklahoma State (-3.5)
Pick: OSU

Lots on the line in this one. The winner takes the Big XII(roman numeral may not be accurate anymore) and the obvious BCS spot that comes with. But in Okie State’s case, there is a chance that a big win here might…might give them enough in the polls to jump Alabama to make it into the Title game. I apologize but I must rant now:

The BCS title picture this year is complete horseshit. I don’t think there should be rematches in the title game for one simple reason: Let’s say the the loser of the 1st game wins. They get the National Title because they picked the right game of the series to win? Make them win twice. At the very least make them cover the margin of victory for it to count. Getting past the rematch version, LSU is currently in a worse spot that Bama. Bama is sitting in the clubhouse at 2, with most people thinking even with a win, Okie St can’t pass them. LSU meanwhile has to play a very good Georgia team, in Georgia? Sure, there are those that say even with a loss LSU would still go to the title game, but you’ve gotta think a loss in the extra game could leave a dorr open to miss the title game. I just…everything about this situation is stupid. Playoff time please.

Back to the game I’m picking (sorry), both teams have great offenses, but OU is missing their top weapon, and their Secondary is questionable. Add in the fact that this game is in Stillwater, and well, sorry Don. I think the Cowboys will take Bedlam this year.

#24 Southern Miss @ #6 Houston (-14.5)
CUSA Championship Game
Pick: Houston

I haven’t talked about Houston much this year because all of their opponents are terrible and they drop 8 million on everyone. But you know what, it’s a title game for em, so why not. Will Houston slip up in this, the biggest game of the season for them and a chance to get to the BCS for the 1st time ever? Nope, not eve close. 14.5 is hilariously low. I’d take Houston up to 28. Case Keenum will continue to raise his record numbers and throw for about 900 yards.

It’s been an interesting season. Thanks to all of you who have picked along with me this year. It’s made for a lot more fun. If you’ve read but haven’t picked, I’m glad you were here, but next year sack up and play along some. I love you all. God bless College Football. God Bless America.

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