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Dec 4 '11

If only there was a way…

Okie State did as well as they could tonight. I mean, they beat the sam fuck out of OU. But odds, are? we still get stuck with Alabama-LSU part deux. This infuriates me for 2 reasons. The 1st: I don’t wanna watch them play again. It’s completely foolish to have a team play a team they’ve already lost to for the title. If Bama wins, they should have to play a rubber match. The 2nd part, which may anger me more: Is Alabama totally deserves to be #2. OSU did all they could, but they lost to Iowa State. ISU is fucking miserable. They’re a 6-6 team that should’ve been murdered. But on a Friday night, they pulled off a huge, double OT upset over Okie St. Bama’s only loss this year was to LSU, in overtime. How can you argue w/ a 3 point loss in OT to the #1 team in the land?? That’s the worst part. If only we could have Oklahoma State play Bama for a shot at LSU. Fucking BCS. It’s a great system when there’s a clear 1-2. You could argue you have that this year. But the thought of a team playing a team they already beat for a nat’l title blows my mind. Sports are stupid. I may be dumber. I’d love to hear yall’s thoughts on this. I just think a rematch is fundamentally retarded.

  1. brevetcaptain said: #occupytheBCS this is why we need the 8 bid system.
  2. ndeddiemac posted this
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