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Dec 15 '11

College Football Week 14 Results

Apparently I forgot to give the results from the final week of games last week. You all should be well aware by now that I’m an idiot, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. How’d we close out the regular season?#14 Georgia “@” #1 LSU (-14)
SEC Championship Game - Atlanta
Pick: LSU
Result: 42-10 LSU, Win

LSU really is that damn good. This game was just flat out murder, once again. Special Teams and defense, as always, were the key for LSU. The first half Georgia hung in this game. LSU didn’t even get a 1st down until the 2nd quarter. But a pick 6, a punt return for TD and 3 total takeaways sealed the deal for Les Miles and the Honey Badgers.

#5 Virginia Tech (-7) “@” #20 Clemson
ACC Championship Game - Charlotte
Pick: VT
Result:38-10 Clemson, LOSS

Well, I don’t really know how this one happened. I especially don’t know how VT still made a BCS bowl after getting just murdered in this game. The 2 teams were tied at the half, but then Clemson jumped out with a 21-0 3rd quarter. Tech was sloppy with 3 turnovers on the night, letting Clemson take on  another high to a bizarre up and down year.

#15 Wisconsin (-10) “@” #13 Michigan State
Big TenLevenWelve Championship Game - Indianapolis
Pick: Wisco
Result: 42-39 Wisco, LOSS

Who would’ve thought the B1G game would be the crazy shootout of the night. Wisco came out on top of Sparty this time around in a 2nd amazingly fun game between the two. Montee Ball capped off a fantastic year with 137 yards and 3 tds on the ground. There was very little defense played in this one, but Wisco stepped up at the end to seal it.

#10 Oklahoma @ #3 Oklahoma State (-3.5)
Pick: OSU
Result: 44-10 OSU, WIN

Murder is the best way to describe this one. Okie State scored early and often in this one. I really hoped that a beatdown of such epic proportion would have gotten enough style points to avoid a BCS rematch, but sadly it did not. OSU - Stanford could be fun, but the thought of the Cowboy O vs the Tiger D would’ve been a lot of fun. Oh well.

#24 Southern Miss @ #6 Houston (-14.5)
CUSA Championship Game
Pick: Houston

Result: 49-28 S.Miss, LOSS

I don’t know what’s funnier about this, Houston shitting the bed on the precipice of the BCS, or the fact that Southern Miss cost themselves millions of dollars by knocking the CUSA out of the BCS. Keenum had a decent game, but threw 2 picks, one of which went 6 the other way. The D allowed 486 total yards to SoMiss and the Cougs had a punt blocked for a TD. Houston picked the wrong time

This week: 2-3
Season: 37-35-3 (49%)

And in the last week of the year I fall just below a 50% winning percentage thanks to the draws. I’m so angry at myself right now. More wins than losses is good, but the last few weeks really killed me. How’d yall do?

Donnie: Week: 2-3, Season: 37-28-3 (54%)

Matt: Week: 1-4, Season: 37-35-3 (49%)

Brian: Week: 2-3, Season: 30-32-3 (46%)

Kristin: Week: 2-3, Season: 30-42-3 (40%)

Ryan: Week: 4-1, Season: 27-35-3 (42%)

Slav: Week: 2-3, Season: 15-10 (60%)

Previous players that didn’t pick:

Gimber: Season: 16-20-2 (42%)

Lee: Season: 3-5

Judson: Season: 15-18-2 (43%)

DLaw: Season: 9-17-1 (33%)

Don is clearly the champion here. While he picked 7 less games, he had the same number of wins as myself and Matt. That’s pretty impressive sir. But as college football has shown us, the regular season really doesn’t matter. Later tonight I will post Round 1 of the Eddie Mac 2k11 Bowl Pick extravaganza. This round will cover all the bowls from 12/17-12/29, aka, the dogshit bowls. I hope you all come back, because there will be a prize on the line. PRIZES YALL, FREE SHIT.

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