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You've gotta be smart, I mean, you've got a sportscoat
Dec 29 '11

Thank God this year is over

This year’s ND squad has been nothing short of horrifically frustrating all year. Today was merely a microcosm. I’m very happy to never watch this squad again.

I’m just sad that’s how Michael Floyd had to end his career. You’re in my top 3 of favorite ND players I’ve gotten to watch Cannon. Would’ve been #1 easily had you not always been hurt. You deserved so much better.

Here’s hoping Rees follows Crist out the damn door.

That’s all for sake of brevity and no more bitter ranting. Figure my twitter feed got most of that out of the way tonight.

  1. thoughtsfromthesuburbs said: Tonight was excruciating.
  2. ndeddiemac posted this
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