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Jan 24 '12

Justified Body Count: Week 2

Brought to you by the #JustifiedBodyCount hashtag and my gratuitous love of tracking stats and winners, I bring you the Justified Body Count game.

The rules are simple, one of the best shows on TV, Justified, comes on TV tonight at 10ET on FX. People die on this show, a lot. This is a good old fashioned prediction game kids. How many people will get got on tonight’s episode of Justified. As an initial tie breaker, how many of those kills will come from our hero, and my role model, Raylan Givens. Starting in Week 3 the next time breaker will be inverted Price is Right rules (there are already guesses in for this week, so too late to start now). Closed guess without going UNDER, because this is about more OWNAGE, not less, will take it. So let me know your guess for tonight’s body count, and be sure to note how many of those come from Raylan himself. You can do it here, or let me know on my twitter, preferably with the #JustifiedBodyCount tag as well. Happy shooting everybody

My guess: 6 kills, 2 for Raylan

Week 1 Winner: Gimber

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