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Apr 12 '12

Justified Body Count: Final Winners list

At the risk of spoilers I won’t say anything, but ohhhhhhhhhhhh my God. That finale was just….I mean….wow. All season lots of people have said they miss Mags Bennett as the big bad. The last thing I or anyone could do is take away from Martindale’s performance, because she was amazing. HOWEVAH, I honestly think I liked Quarles this season more. His slow descent to madness, his hilariousness at all times, his awesome weapon of choice. Dude was great. Plus, it gave us some great interplay w/ Wynn Duffy, and how can you not love Wynn Duffy. This show is so damn good. It makes me so sad that it won’t be on for so long. Come back soon Raylan and Co.

Anyway, I enjoyed playing this little guessing game on twitter and here. Thanks to everyone that joined in throughout the year. I’m sure it will make a return for Season 4. I might even win one?

Week 1 Winner: Gimber
Week 2 Winner: Pete/Runthedive
Week 3 Winners: JTExperience and Arrissa/missriss85 
Week 4 Winner: JTExperience
Week 5 Winners: Colin/thethirdshift and Jesse/tricerapops
Week 6 Winner: PhilCatelinet
Week 7 Winner: Chris/Jerkwheatery
Week 8 Winner: TomFornelli
Week 9 Winner: heshsson
Week 10 Winner: mquirion
Week 11 Winner: Chris/Jerkwheatery
Week 12 Winner: LorenLChen
Week 13 Winners: mquirion and PhilCatelinet

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