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Jun 4 '12

Eddie Mac on E3 2k12: Sony Press Conference

Microsoft led off, Sony will cap the night. I’m betting on a Vita price cut and a lot of info on it throughout. Hoping to hear about some God of War, more about Smash Bros. Playstation version, and hopefully some new Bioshock footage, and more. Away we go.

  • We lead off with a montage, because who doesn’t love a montage? Oh sweet, more dubstep… Tons of games in the montage, some exclusive, several not.
  • At least this year they won’t have to spend a ton of time apologizing for the PSN exploding and almost getting everyone’s identities stolen.
  • Now good ole Jack Tretton out to talk. saying they’re gonna pay tribute to the gamers. “Never Stop Playing” as the talking point on screen.
  • Lol, you can visit the booth in Home. PS Home is still around?
  • Now, the next title from the makers of Heavy Rain. The new game is called Beyond: Two Souls. The guy on stage starts talking about death and the afterlife. Game about a girl named Jody over 15 years, and how she’s always been connected to ghosts or something. We’re gonna get one element, but apparently it’s just the actress of Jody: Ellen Page. Here I thought she would be busy with Last of Us (JOKES). Oh, we are gonna get a scene from the game. This has some LA Noire level facial animation. Seriously, some of the shots looks real. Starts with Jody, silent, in a Sheriff’s office as the Sheriff tries to get answer and she stonewalls. Rutro, ominous music and the coffee cup starts shaking…and now goes flying at the wall. Now a Swat team busts in looking for the girl…but she gone. Now we go to a crazy montage, we see what looks like possession and telekenetic powers. Interesting.
  • Now for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. This is the terribly clunky name of Sony’s Smash Bros. clone. As long as it’s fun, I’ll be down. Characters we’ve seen so far: Kratos, PaRappa the Rapper, Sly Cooper, Sweettooth from Twisted Metal, Fat Princess, and some bad guy from Killzone. Today they tell us it’ll also be on Vita and cross-compatible with PS3. They do a demo with 2 playing on PS3 and 2 on Vita in the same match. That’s pretty cool. The game still only has you build up to super moves to get a kill, but no life/damage like SSB. If you’re gonna copy, take the best parts kids, no sense in requiringsupers for kills. Very cool part of the game, the maps are all interactive, and change as the match goes on. This one shows a Hydra from God of War showing up to get some violence in. Other kind of strange thing, you have no clue what the score is during the match. 2 new characters: Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Big Daddy from Bioshock. Drake was a given, interesting to see Big Daddy.
  • Jack back now to talk about Cross play between the Vita and PS3. If it works, great, but MLB the Show has been a mess with that from all reports I’ve seen. Now talking about Cross Controller play with the Vita for Little Big Planet 2. This allows the Vita to show a different view. 2nd screen is the new hotness it appears.
  • Now a bunch of info and stats about PSN and Playstation Plus. Everyone there gets a free year of Playstation Plus, well aren’t they special. PS1 classics will be coming to the Vita now, so that’s pretty cool.
  • Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified announced for Vita. So it gets it’s own game as opposed to trying to bring BO2….probably smart.
  • Now an Assassin’s Creed game for Vita as well. Starts in American Revolution era New Orleans, with a lady assassin. ACIII: Liberation is the name of the game. You can also link the two games to get new toys for each. Ther also announce a bundle with the game and a white Vita, and a 4 GB memory card, no price.
  • No for some true AC3 on the PS3 (squeeeeeeeeee). Oh shit, WE’RE ON A BOAT, starting out in the Carribean Sea. Holy shit this game looks good. I know I shouldn’t be so all about graphics, but the water, dayum, just gorgeous. You start just sailing around until ROWDY SHIP CANNON BATTLE THROUGH ISLANDS ZOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Dear God the damage and cannon fire as the sea turns to a squall with a storm. I’m going to play this level 8 billion times. Time to get boarded Redcoats. Seriously, that trailer was amazing. Sony will also have a PS3 bundle that includes a PS3, the game, and exclusive DLC.
  • Now for Farcry 3. The guy who just showed up is large and scary sounding. Says they didn’t build 1 game, but 2. 4 player co-op in Farcry 3…interesting. One dude has a flamethrower, which looks way fun, even though the guy using it sucks at aim. In fact, all these guys playing are terrible. Nothing mindblowing in this demo, and the framerate seems to be choppy at times. Sure early, but still. Nothing great from that demo.
  • PS Move? Really, that’s still a thing? Cool story, bro. Looks like starting off with some AR with Wonderbook. I don’t know who this Euro bro is, but his stuff is boring the hell out of me /ff. Oh wait, JK Rowling is involved? #dismissivehandwank.
  • Now EuroBro talking about Sony Mobile devices and Playstation Suite to let people build games. I still don’t care. HTC a new partner.
  • GOD OF WAR, now we’re talking. Kratos on a dock, coming in from sea, loking at some dude with a giant sword in him and giant goat monsters coming to kill you. Kratos still owns hard, the action is hectic, violent, and awesome looking. After those are dealt with, it appears someone decided to RELEASE THE KRAKENNNNNNNN as a boat gets tossed in half. Kratos shows some new telekenetic tricks to build himself a new way to climb up, pretty fancy. Oh shit, now he uses it in battle to freeze some lil goat dudes before chaos blade owning them. Now the Kraken comes at you with a tentacle but you block it with a QTE. They’re really seemingly giving us a full section of a level here. Now you have to fight a giant elephant monster that just walks on two legs and has a giant bone hammer club thing. If you wondered if the game would be less violent than the past, you are foolish. After taking out the elephant, the Kraken tries to attack again, with the demo ending with you seemingly diving right for him. March 12, 2013 release. Sign me up.
  • Now it’s super quiet and dark, what’s up next? Lots of noise, but nothing yet. Ah, Last of Us time. Walking around the outside now, it’s got that urban foresty look that seems to be so big these days. You keep wandering, now through what looks like a hotel. The two then sneak up  and hear 2 people talking and scavenging. You sneak around and quietly take down the first guy, allowing you to steal some ammo. But someone sees you, sadly the sounds keeps getting bleeped for seemingly all profanity. You get into a bit of a shootout, but tough when you only have 4 bullets. You try to sneak around leading to a dude hitting you with a pipe. You clown him and use him a human shield. Again, only beeps. Seriously G4, it’s late, you’re fucking killing me. This is annoying as hell. After taking the guys out, it looks like you can craft stuff out of your inventory, as here you make a molotov cocktail. SERIOUSLY WITH THE FUCKING BLEEPS! Man, you’d think these people might try talking before fighting some. After taking out another a giant army dude jumps you, but Ellen Page distracts him, leading to you getting his shotgun AND BLOWING HIS FACE OFF POINT FUCKING BLANK!!!! Wow. Now that’s a hell of a way to end a demo. Hopefully I can find the vid without all the bleeps. (edit: Thanks Kotaku, here it is)

That’s all for Sony. I’m absolutely stunned there was no Vita price drop during the conference. Absolutely stunned. God of War, Last of Us, and AC3 all had amazing trailers. Beyond could be interesting as well. The AC Vita trailer even looked cool. Still, not a TON announced, at least not of interest. I’m actually surprised Vita didn’t get more. What’d you think, what’d you like?

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