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Aug 13 '12

Where are you optimism?

So here we are, 19 days away from the beginning of Notre Dame’s college football season in Ireland against Navy. Usually by this time of the year I’ve talked myself into some insane way that the Irish will get into the title game, or at least the BCS. Seemingly without fail I always expect big things, even when I know I shouldn’t.(Jump for those of you that don’t give a damn about NDFB

Which is what makes this year so strange to me, but I’ve got nothing but bad feelings about this year. Many have pointed to the recruiting successes since Kelly took over, or the fact that our front 7 should be fantastic on D, or maybe that we have the best TE in the land. All I can see is the secondary has been emptied out, we lost the best WR in school’s history, and have nothing but questions at the QB position. And this is all coming off a team that I couldn’t stand. Couple that with arguably the hardest schedule in the country and I fail to see a lot of reason for excitement.

The one thing people tend to put the most stake in is “hell, we can’t really turn the damn ball over as much as we did last year, right?” When that’s the best argument for why the team is going to be better, I’m terrified. Sure, you typically expect some sort of regression to the mean, and Phil Steele’s always touted it as one of his main theories for predicting success. Still, when that’s the best argument I see very little reason to be excited.

Now, don’t get me wrong there is a lot of talent on this squad, including some exciting young players coming in and possibly 2 #1 players at their position in Manti and Eifert. Not only that, but opponents like OU and USC that I’m ready to chalk as losses already have suffered significant injuries leading up to the season. Injuries can change everything in seconds and take a title contender to a team struggling to make a bowl game. But looking at this schedule, and knowing you are going to either have a QB with 0 experience or a QB who creates more turnovers than a witty reference to turnover bakers…chefs? whatever…there just seem like a lot of ways this could go very bad.

But hey, I’m always so optimistic, and it never does a damn bit of good, maybe feeling down will lead to wins?  Here’s hoping I’m wrong as usual.

  1. brevetcaptain said: Man. NDFB. I remember when I cared. Then Brian came and killed a kid…
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