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Aug 28 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 1 Predictions (FRIDAY GAME)

Well hello again kids, it’s that time again. Thankfully our long national nightmare is coming to an end in a mere two days. Because I’m addicted to both college football and gambling, I’ve posted 5 picks the last few years on this here blog. Everyone knows it’s more fun when lots of people play along, so I invite you all to make your picks in either the replies or comments depending on if you too have a tumblr. Last year’s winner was my good friend Donnie B. who pulled an impressive 54% (37-28-3) record last year. I ended up just under 50 with a 49% (37-35-3) falling below the halfway mark the last week of the season. For those curious, the records of everyone can be found here. Not this year. Come past the jump to play along.For those who don’t recall, the game is simple. Each week I will choose 5 games from the week’s slate of college football. Spoiler alert: one will always be the ND game because homerism. Typically I’ll be going for games between ranked teams, or games that I think provide either the most interesting matchups or lines. That’s right, we pick against the spread here because this isn’t little league. For reference, I get my lines off Bovada, primarily because that’s where I bet.

Now these will mostly come out on Thursdays, but I’m posting week 1’s here on a Tuesday because one of the games is on Friday night. Also, I know that lines move, but for purposes of my game, we all pick against the same spread, so just pick against the posted one. I’ll keep track throughout the year so that you can all prove who is the best at life. Questions? No? Good, vamanos amigos.


#24 Boise St @ #13 Michigan St. (-7)
Pick: MSU
I think this gets ugly. Boise is without Kellen Moore for the first time in forever and don’t have the Muscle Hamster to rely on. Further, I think MSU is gonna be pretty damn good this year. I think this will be the last time we see the fighting potato horsies ranked for awhile.

Regular Saturday games 
Navy vs. Notre Dame (-16) (in Dublin, Ireland)
Pick: Notre Dame
Now admittedly, I’m not high on the Irish this year. I’m expecting another 8 win year. That being said, ND beat Navy 56-14 last year….we were not good last year. I also couldn’t be more excited to see the RISE OF GOLSON begin. I hate that they are playing a game over in Ireland, mainly because I’m terrified of how they will come out both in this game and in week 2. But this should hopefully get nasty

#8 Michigan vs. #2 Alabama (-14) (in Jerryworld)
Pick: Michigan
I’m sorry PAWWWWWWWWWLLLLLL. Yes, it pains me greatly to pick Michigan. The thing is, I think everyone in the world has Bama winning this by murderdeathkill. I do think Bama wins, but I just don’t know how they’re gonna get enough points to cover a 2 td spread. Hell, a push bet feels amazing. Bama’s D will be good because, clearly. But Denard Robinson is probably the most electric dude on the field in CFB this year, he’ll figure something out. Something makes me think Michigan keeps this surprisingly close and stays within 2 TDs.

#14 Clemson (-3.5) @ Auburn
Pick: Clemson
Will the Clemsoning start week 1??? Nah, I don’t think so. Sammy Watkins is good enough to do this alone I think. Plus, not too sure the EagleTigerPlainsmen have a great squad this year.

(EDIT: Oops, Watkins is out for the game, thanks PegPelvisPete…pick stays same, I am a dumb.)

Mystery Monday Game

Georgia Tech @ #16 Virginia Tech (-7.5)
Pick: Va Tech
If any team from the ACC is gonna be worth a damn, I don’t think it will be FSU (seriously, why the hell do people have them so high. Their D isn’t that good and EJ Manuel…really? GTFO), it’ll be the Hokies. I think Logan Thomas is an absolute stud and he’s got some decent weapons around him. Sorry BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES

So there it is. Make your picks kids, thank God Football is back.

  1. leeleeleelee said: MSU, Navy, Bama, Auburn, VT
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