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Sep 13 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 3 Prediction

Well last week was just an abject failure. I’m terrible, and only one of yall are over .500. The only good news to missing these picks is I’ve bet against several of them due to having more knowledge on Saturday than Thursday. Still, crikey. Let’s turn this shit around shall we?

SEASON RECORD: 3-7 (30%)

#20 Notre Dame @ #10 Michigan St. (-6)
Pick: Notre Dame

Everything I saw last week out of Notre Dame had me convinced this game would be a whooping by Sparty. But I’m trying to be a happy, more optimistic person. Plus, we beat the holy hell out of MSU last year with a shitty team, holding beastmaster Bell to a rowdy 29 yards. These games always seem to be close anyway, so why not take the point cushion?

#1 Alabama (-20) @ Arkansas
Pick: Arkansas

Well, I picked against Bama once to horrible result. The Hogs lost to ULM last week and went from being a top 10 team to being unranked. As of posting, we don’t know if Tyler Wilson is playing. I’m picking Arkansas based on the logic that he will. Bama is a much better team, but damn that’s a lot of points. I’m looking for a cover here.

#2 USC (-9) @ #21 Stanford
Pick: USC

You’ve got a considerably better than last year USC coming in against a considerably worse than last year Stanford. Add in the anger over upsets of the past, I think this is murdery.

#14 Texas (-10) @ Ole Miss
Pick: Ole Miss

So many home dogs this week. I’m yet to see anything about Texas that really impresses me. I think they win, but think it’s closer than they’ll enjoy.

#18 Florida @ #23 Tennessee (-3)
Pick: Tennessee

I don’t know why, but I’m going to continue picking against the Gators. They aren’t good, I’m convinced of this and I will be rewarded eventually damnit!!

Well there you have it amigos and amigas. I’m clearly terrible at this, please, somebody, show me how it’s done. Lest you want to be fail horned like DLaw I advise you step ya games up.

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