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Oct 11 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 7 Picks

Who wants to sex college football picks? Season standings and more can be seen here, but jump with me to this weeks cornucopia of wagering, won’t you?

Season Record: 11-14 (44%)

#17 Stanford @ #7 Notre Dame (-7)
Pick: ND

This line started up around 9, but has been bet down to a TD. Given the two defenses, this shouldn’t be too surprising. I’m sticking with my Irish here. They finally remembered they can score points behind a glorious display of rushing against Miami. Stanford will also be missing their top Receiver for the game, which is always helpful.  Hopefully this goes better than the last time Gameday came on campus (h8 u forever Reggie).

#3 South Carolina @ #9 LSU (-3)
Pick: SCAR

I keep getting burned going against SCAR. I think they may in fact be legit with one of the best defensive players in the country in Clowney and an absolute stud at RB w/ Lattimore. This could again be a low scoring affair so having the points will be nice, even at only 3.

#15 Texas “@” #13 Oklahoma (-3.5) [game in Dallas at Cotton Bowl]
Pick: Texas

Another game I keep going back and forth on. I just do not have a good feel for this one, which is strange as I’ve seen a decent amount of both of these teams. What’s pushing me to Texas is the fact that Landry Jones crumbles under pressure from a D, and Texas has the speed to get to him. There is not a score that would surprise me outside of a 50+ point differential. Anything below that could happen for either team. I’ll let you affiliated folks fight it out in the comments.

#22 Texas A&M (-7.5) @ #23 Louisiana Tech [game in Shreveport]
Pick: LaTech

Now this is an interesting game. You may recall this was supposed to take place opening weekend, but a hurricane or tsunami or Captain Planet made it bad over there so the game got pushed. The Aggies are 4-1 now behind new coach Kevin Sumlin and QB Johnny Football. La Tech on the other hand is 5-0 with wins including Houston, Illinois, and UVA. Not shabby names for a WAC squad. I think this game stays close, so I’ll take the points. Don’t sleep on the Bulldogs yall, this will be a fun game.

#5 West Virginia (-4.5) @ Texas Tech
Pick: WVU

This is a trap. I know it’s a trap. The #5 team in the land is only getting 4.5 against an unranked conference foe that’s 4-1 in their own right. I know Vegas wants me to take WVU and that this is dumb. But I don’t care. I’m ride or die with Holgo and Geno until I get burned on it. Here’s hoping the piece of cheese on the metal plate is just for decorative purposes and not spring loaded for my demise.

This ain’t your first rodeo. Go get em kids.

  1. leeleeleelee said: ND, USC, UT, A&M, WVU
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