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You've gotta be smart, I mean, you've got a sportscoat
Oct 18 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 7 Results

And thus we push forward, pretty much at the halfway point of the season. How fare we all children? Let’s find out:

#17 Stanford @ #7 Notre Dame (-7)
Pick: ND
Result: 20-13 ND, PUSH

Manti Te’o is a GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. That’s all.

#3 South Carolina @ #9 LSU (-3)
Pick: SCAR
Result: 23-21 LSU, WIN

LSU may have won the battle, but I win the war (or something like that) as the Cocks did just enough to cover the spread on the road. 

#15 Texas “@” #13 Oklahoma (-3.5) [game in Dallas at Cotton Bowl]
Pick: Texas
Result: 63-21 OU, LOSS

Welp, at least the good news is I kept going back and forth and ended up betting on OU against my pick. Holy Jesus this was just murder. Texas tackles worse than a team full of people that don’t have arms and have crippling fears of contact with other humans. This would not be a wise roster to build for the record. To make matters worse, stud DL Jackson Jeffcoat got hurt and is out for the season. Not a good weekend for the Horns.

#22 Texas A&M (-7.5) @ #23 Louisiana Tech [game in Shreveport]
Pick: LaTech
Result: 59-57 A&M, WIN

I obnoxiously trumpeted La Tech on twitter all Saturday and was rewarded with a great comeback effort and some of the most fun one could have during a football game. This was just a damn fun way to end a day of football. This game also elevated A&M’s QB JOHNNY FOOTBALL to full man crush status. He’s taken RGIII’s spot as my favorite non-ND player in the country. AND HE’S A TRUE FRESHMAN! Buy stock now kids, he is awesome and you should recognized this.

#5 West Virginia (-4.5) @ Texas Tech
Pick: WVU
Result: 49-14 TT, LOSS

Not gonna lie, it makes it hurt a little less knowing I put my own head in the lion’s mouth on this one. When you recognize a trap listen to Admiral Akbar and get the hell out of dodge kids. Lubbock don’t play. 

This week: 2-2-1
Season: 13-16-1 (43%)

And how bout you meddling kids?

Donnie B: This Week:  3-1-1 Season: 16-13-1 (53%)
Kristin: This Week: 3-1-1 Season: 16-13-1 (53%)
Gimber: This Week:  2-2-1 Season: 13-11-1 (52%)
Judson: This Week: 2-2-1 Season: 13-11-1 (52%)
aheadofme: This Week: 1-3-1 Season: 15-14-1 (50%)
Dlawnd07: This Week: 2-2-1 Season: 12-12-1 (48%)
leeleeleelee: This Week: 1-3-1 Season: 14-15-1 (47%)
JTExperience: This Week: 1-3-1 Season: 11-13-1 (44%)
JustinONeill: This Week: 2-2-1 Season: 8-11-1 (40%)
ndtex: This Week: 0-4-1 Season: 12-17-1 (40%)
Brett L: This Week: 2-2-1 Season: 12-17-1 (40%)

Previous players that didn’t guess:
Slav: Season: 3-7 (30%)

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