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Oct 25 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 9 Predictions

Great slate of games this week and a huge one for yours truly. I will be heading to Norman to see a top 10 clash in person. Let’s get right to it.

Season record: 15-19-1 (43%)

#5 Notre Dame @ #8 Oklahoma (-12)
Pick: ND

Not too often you see the #5 team in the land a near 2 TD dog, but that’s where we are today. I have a lot of thoughts about this game, far too many for this post, so if you want to see them, go here.

#11 Mississippi State @ #1 Alabama (-24)
Pick: MSU

I don’t see MSU pulling an upset here, but I think they can keep this ballgame w/in 3 TDs.

#2 Florida (-7) “@” #10 Georgia
World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville
Pick: Florida

This, much like the Red River Shootout, will always be the WLOCP. If you call it by something else, you are a terrible person and I likely hate you. As for the game, I think Florida might be really, really good. Their D and special teams are letting them do what LSU did last year to people. I think they cover.

#14 Texas Tech @ #3 Kansas State (-7.5)
Pick: KSt

I’m so sorry for doubting you Optimus Klein. Please don’t hurt me.

Duke @ #12 Florida State (-27.5)
Pick: Duke

You guys realize that if the season ended today Duke would be in the ACC Championship game, right? That is hilarious to me. No question FSU wins here, but a damn near 4 TD spread? Feels just slightly too big. I’m thinking FSU by 24.

There it is, go get em kids. Don, I look forward to what will likely be a long post by you in the comments, and I’ll see you soon amigo. I must break you.

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