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May 9 '11

So instead of Avengers…

I’m sure it will be cool and all, and Lord knows with what, 6 movies leading up to it, they’ve certainly built up a large base, but could we hit pause on that and get Whedon to do an Astonishing X-Men movie (or trilogy)? Sure he’s already started production on Avengers, but he wrote Astonishing and it’s phenomenal!

I got it awhile ago right before I moved and packed it before reading it. Sadly it took until now to remember I had it and find it. I just got through the collection and man, it was awesome. So, so, so awesome. Great story, beautiful art, and phenomenal dialogue throughout. X-Men was always my favorite of the many superhero options growing up, mainly thanks to the cartoon from back in the day. The movies, outside of the 2nd one, were a huge disappointment. I’d love to see someone else make a run at them. I have high hopes for First Class, but if we are gonna go with random offshoots, someone please take a run at Astonishing.

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