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Jun 7 '11

EA E3 2k11 Show according to Eddie

At least half of the games I own come from EA or one of their subsidiaries. Most of them being EA Sports games clearly, but also Need for Speed and my favorite series going right now, Mass Effect. ME3, as yall can tell from my earlier post during the Microsoft presser, is my most anticipated game by a long shot. But I love hearing what to expect out of my sports games as well. To the bulletpoints!

  • Starting with fake news reports including someone using an omni tool. This is definitely ME3. I’m so excited. HOLY SHIT REAPERS ON EARTH BY THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!!!! Now some dude is coming out to talk. Everything has been leading to a war w/ the Reapers according to this guy, ME 3 will be that war. Yes please. DEMO TIME YESSSSSSSSSS! Shepard is trying to destroy a Reaper base. I’m guessing shit’s about to go down. OMNI BLADE OWNAGE. I read on IGN that the melee had been redone, hell of an animation off the bat to sell that point. Shepard paints a target and the Normandy drops a bomb into the base that sends Shep flying. After some run and gun Shep learns he’s not on a base, ITS A FUCKING WORKING REAPER!!!! Using a turret the reaper goes down for a bit, btu then hops back up. Everything looks amazing. God I want this game now. Here’s the release date: 3/6/12. Why so long toto? Now a new gameplay trailer called “The Fall of Earth.” Narrator says Shep warned us they were coming, we didn’t listen. Cue mad Reapers owning Earth. Yah, just find this trailer, it looks amazing. I can’t sell this game enough. I’ve played through both the 1st 2, but to explain my love I plan on doing another playthrough of both to try the renegade (think bad guy/dark side) as opposed to my other games that were paragon (good/light) flavored. The reason this is important is because decisions on the plot from the 1st game carried on into the 2nd, and will into the 3rd. This blows my fucking mind. Seriously, that’s amazing. I wrote a post on how ME2 may be my favorite game I’ve ever played. The series is gaming at it’s finest. If you haven’t tried it, I can’t encourage you to enough. If you try it and don’t like it, you are allowed to slap me. Seriously, come find me and physically slap me in the face. It’s so best.
  • Next up, Need For Speed: The Run. They really turn these things out. Most wanted was a lot of fun. The trailer looks great, you start in a race but get rowdy Tboned. This leads to an out of the car segment? That’s new. Your character runs from and then gets in a fight with cops (controlled via QTEs) and then steals their car. The whole time while being shot at by a chopper. Sure street racing’s bad, but being shot by a chopper w/ machine guns seems a little gratuitous right? Your boy crashes onto a train track and another QTE starts for an escape. Looks solid, but another NFS already? Why?
  • Star Wars the Old Republic is up next. This is the 3rd E3 we’ve seen this game at, and still no release date. For those late to the game, it’s an MMORPG that has been hyped by some of the most amazing cinematics I’ve ever seen. My issue with the game, having never done an MMORPG is I don’t understand when you’d ever see those. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t, and their just marketing. The game itself doesn’t look bad from what I’ve seen, but the CG parts look so amazing, it’s some shady marketing IMO. I’ve never gotten into a game like this, mostly because I don’t like paying for a game more than once. Partially because I’m cheap, partially because I’m too ADD with gaming. Plus, there was already Star Wars: Galaxies, which everyone pretty much agrees was abysmal. That being said, Bioshock is making it. The last time they were in the Star Wars realm we got Knight of the Old Republic, which was amazing. If anything could get me into the genre, besides the long rumored, then cancelled, Marvel game like DC Unvierse for Xbox, it would be this. Once again, there was a gorgeous CG trailer, some bits we’ve already seen, some new. But no gameplay, no new info, and still no release date. WTF yall?
  • Next up, SSX. These snowboarding games have always been fun, although 1080 on N64 remains my all time favorite. This shows you pretty much racing an avalanche in yet another cg trailer. Looks great though.
  • Peter Moore!! My boy! This guy used to be the Xbox boss, known for getting ridiculous temp tattoos for Halo and GTA4, but is now the EA Sports head. He talks a little SSX, but now on to FIFA. Fifa 11 was fantastic, but I didn’t like the combo superstar/franchise mode. Let’s see what we get out of the Fifa guy.
  • Looks to be the same trailer that was released a few days ago talking about the new defending and dribbling engine (with a rowdy save by John Terry!!). They also show the Player Impact engine that should effect injuries, tackles, pushing and pulling as you jostle. Now a new video. Starting with Drake? Come on son. Then Wayne Rooney, obviousy, and Weezy? WTF? Go through some more players talking about how they love Fifa. Myster Ochocinco as well. You don’t need to convince us people like Fifa EA, we all know this. Kind of cool hearing players/Academy coaches talk about using Fifa as a training tool. I love that shit #nerd. But come on, using Drake is just painful son. I also have a hard time believing Lil Wayne loves soccer. New feature: EA Sports Football Club. It’s an online service. 4 big things apparently. All year challenges/storylines from the real world will be put in. This could make for fun challenges based on live games. Sadly, I’m guessing it will be like Madden where you have to buy them. It deepens fans connections to their favorite teams. He says no extra charge, and there will be connections to all Fifa games across platforms and through the years. There’s a team component that looks a lot like the NCAA Football feature last year. There’s more to see at, which is good, because I’m not so sure he got to four things.
  • A new video starts with the dad from the Wonder Years. What? Well, it’s Madden. Oh, he’s supposed to be Lombardi, ok, I’m on board now. Madden was such a fucking abortion last year they will have to pull something amazing to make me buy it. Combine that with the potential lockout and the fact that the Broncos will probably blow, pro football could not be lower on my list. Some cool presentation though. I heard they had some deal with the NFL Films guys, and some of the pregame stuff they showed looked just like their typical vids. Pretty good looking. Ray Lewis comes out from behind some lights saying victory’s waiting cause D wins championships. Then Peyton Hillis appears….miss u Peyton, h8 u Josh McD. Next Clay Matthews comes out w/ the Lombardi trophy. All 3 are in full pads and weirdly oiled down/sweaty. It’s kind of goofy, I mean, not like they have anything else to do right now. New collision system and new Defensive AI according to Moore as he asks Ray Lewis. Moore than asks Hillis about being clutch and goes into dynamic player performance, which we heard about already, where ratings for players will fluctuate as the game goes on. Well needed improvement. Then Moore asks Matthews about building a franchise/dynsaty. No feature mentioned, but you have to think they’ll improve it from last year. SINCE THEY DIDNT TOUCH IT IN 11. Yes I’m still bitter about wasting $60 on that, why do you ask? At the tail end Moore also says something about how Madden 12 will be connected to all other EA Sports games. There have been rumors floating around about an EA Sports service, maybe free, maybe for pay, that we dont know much about yet. Back on Xbox, they had a persistent EA Sports profile that I loved. It tracked stats and gametime played, and was awesome. It was around for about a year and a half, and then disappeared. Surely we’ll hear more soon, but why just a tease?
  • Head guy is back, and announces the Sims Social. It’s the Sims on facebook. He takes a shot at Farmville, saying this is completely different. They show a facebook chat of a girl wanting to hook up w/ a guy after seeing his status went to single, and then she invited him to play the Sims, and how they went on an awesome Sims date…Come on yall. Goofy as fuck.
  • Now Curt Schilling is coming out. He started a game studio “38 studios” a few years back and is now selling his first game. Schilling’s a big time gamer, so why not start your own studio I guess? Holy shit he looks old and fat. The game is called Reckoning. It’s an open world game w/ “fast&fluid combat” “first of it’s kind.” Sure. Well, they have a dev from Oblivion, so that’s legit, and Todd McFarlane is also involved. Interesting. Schilling sounds nervous as hell, which is hilarious when you think about it. Trailer time. Off the bat, looks like WOW, but slower and glitchy. Eh, it gets better, actually looks decent. Whole bunch of combat and powers are shown off. I think it’s a single player game based on WOW is really what it looks like.
  • Now for Ted Price from Insomniac (Ratchet & Clank). Over Strike will be their next game, for the first time coming to 360 mind you. 4 agents blowing up strongholds w/ “fringe tech gadgets” is what this will focus on apparently. Some funny dialogue in the CG trailer. Also some cool weapons shown off. I’d be interested to see more on it.
  • BATTLEFIELD 3 SUCKA! Now we’re talking. The 12 minute trailer they put out awhile back was amazing. Some will say the gritty, military shooter in the modern era is becoming as cliche as the WWII games got. I say fuck most of those people, because these look awesome. Especially this one. First we get a tech demo of the Frostbite 2 game engine, showing the speed it has, the damage done to environments, the amazing draw distance/scale it has, beautiful rendering….seriously, this looks phenomenal. Oh shit, Multiplayer time! We haven’t seen any of this yet. Crazy montage goes off, we see some vehicle play, some run and gun, tons of destruction…wow. I’m gonna need the IGN pop-up trailer to show me what’s up. Now something called Battlelog is being talked about. I’m assuming this will be like Autolog from NFS. Open beta in September, sounds like a party. will have some more vids. So yah, we should all go there. Now we get a live demo: Starts out rolling through some random, desolate area in a tank as part of the 1st Marine Tank Battalion as you roll towards some rowdy smoke. Something got blown the hell up. Oh, now you have the keys to the tank, this could be fun. Lots of driving. Yes, shows off the gorgeous draw distance, but time to blow stuff up bro. Here we go, some enemy tanks roll in from the right guns blazing. Time to rumble. Rowdy tank battle, always a win. Lots of stuff is getting blown up in a really pretty fashion. What can I say? I’m a simple man with simple tastes. Again, October and November is gonna be crazy stacked with games. Awesome demo.

Some great looking games. I’m surprised they didn’t go more into the EA Sports meta profile/subscription thing, whatever it will be. They teased it a bit, but nothing to let us know what the deal is. Some fun stuff though.

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