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Oct 17 '13

College Football 2k13 Picks: Week FUSC


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Nov 22 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 13 picks

A happy Thanksgiving to all of you fine folks. I’ve never been as thankful for college football as I have this year for obvious reasons. In honor of the gluttony this day stands for, we’re going with a veritable cornucopia of games this weekend. While last week turned into a huge weekend, the slate sounded pretty below average. That is certainly not the case here. Away we go

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Nov 17 '12



Nov 15 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 12 Picks

Week 12? Seriously?? Crazy. It’s sad how terrible this week’s slate is. Game on

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Nov 1 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 10 Predictions

Well kids, this is a week many have had circled since the schedules came out. Bama-LSU and USC-Oregon. Before the Trojans imploded people figured this would be a de facto semifinal for the year. It can certainly qualify as an eliminator showdown. Game on

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Sep 13 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 3 Prediction

Well last week was just an abject failure. I’m terrible, and only one of yall are over .500. The only good news to missing these picks is I’ve bet against several of them due to having more knowledge on Saturday than Thursday. Still, crikey. Let’s turn this shit around shall we?

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Nov 18 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 12 Picks

At this point in the year, we are all looking at two teams. If Okie State and LSU can win out, they will play for the shiny ball. If one loses, a few teams will have arguments for a shot at the unscathed. If both lose? Well, we will have quite a fun situation, won’t we. Anyway, to this week’s slate.

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Oct 28 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 9 picks

I hate football at this point. It also just occured to me I forgot to post results from last week…yah, I’ll do that next. On to picks that will likely be horrible because I, much like my team and college football, suck. Jumpy time

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Oct 20 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 8 Picks

THUNDERDOOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEE! 2 will enter, 1 will leave. This week has been painfully long for me. I haven’t been this hyped up for a game in awhile. I want murder. Let’s pick some games!

Season: 19-14-2

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Oct 19 '11

This is a terrible idea…

The 2005 USC game is on Versus right now. Watching this is a miserable idea. I go back and forth between this game and the .4 Spurs WCF game as the worst sporting moments of my life, both of which I was in attendance for mind you. This is honestly one of the greatest football games I ever saw, but the ending left such a bad taste in my mouth I’ve never been able to go back.

While it sounds completely bitchmade, I will go to my grave saying we won this game. I mean, I was on the field as we all charged because the clock said 0:00 with us winning Everyone points to the Bush Push, but I still say the play before where Leinart fumbled out of bounds and the refs gave not only the forward progress spot, but stopped the clock, was the true injustice. Either way, as if my hate level wasn’t high enough yet, this game may just do it. I love you Colin, you’re my boy, but I wish nothing but pain and sorrow upon yours until Sunday.

Sep 1 '11

Week 1 College Football Picks 2k11

On this glorious day, the opening day of college football, we shall give great thanks and praise to both the College Football Gods and the almighty Gamblor. Yall know the drill by now, each week I will pick 5 games (possibly more if there are just that many great ones) against the spread, because we do not play with skirts here. The 5 games I pick may not always be the best matchups, but could be the 5 I find the most interesting games, or interesting lines. There are also some weeks where a game is early that I can’t use (like TCU @ Baylor tomorrow) or the line isn’t up (like Miami vs Maryland). Sorry if I don’t pick your team. Also, the ND game is pretty much a given. Sorry for partying.

I will typically post these on Thursday evenings and will be using the spread at that given time from I will keep track of my record against both the spread and straight up for posterity. BUT WAIT, you too can play the home game. Down at the bottom of the post, you may either reply if you are a fellow Tumblr user, or use the comment box to make your pick. If you are using the comments make sure you go to the post itself, not the main page of the blog, otherwise the comment thing doesn’t show, it’s weird, I don’t get how interwebz work.

For those who don’t understand spreads, don’t be scared, it’s very simple, and this is the best place to try it. For each game i will list the teams like this: South Florida @ #16 Notre Dame (-11). What that means is that for ND to cover, they have to win by more than 11 points. If they win by exactly 11, it’s called a push. See, simple game, so jump into the deep-end.  Now, if you show up and decide to check a line and it’s different from mine, cool story bro, everyone picks against the posted line I used, because otherwise it makes no sense. Now if you happen to forget and don’t look at these until Saturday afternoon, it’s honor system, just pick the games that haven’t started. As the year goes on I will keep your records as well as mine. Ever wanted to prove how much better at life you are than me? Now is your time friend. So saddle up, cause here…we…go:

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Nov 27 '10

A summary of me watching Notre Dame football.


Nov 23 '10
I will never let this go. We were screwed in 2005. Sure the Bush push happened, but everything the play before: the fumble forward, bad spot AND clock running… all pure and utter bullshit. I will never forgive this day

I will never let this go. We were screwed in 2005. Sure the Bush push happened, but everything the play before: the fumble forward, bad spot AND clock running… all pure and utter bullshit. I will never forgive this day


Sep 1 '10

My thoughts on ND football, life, love, you know, the whole thing

2 days kids, were merely 2 days away from the greatness that is college football. This will be your prototypical tl;dr type post, with a definitive ND slant to lead off….you’ve been warned. My plan is to do my week 1 picks tomorrow so I can get in the Thursday games, and then a broader post on the whole shebang on Thursday. For tonight, just some ND thoughts after the jump…

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