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You've gotta be smart, I mean, you've got a sportscoat

Posts tagged Gears of War

Jun 4 '12

Eddie Mac on E3 2k12: Microsoft Presser

So the console I use the most leads off this year’s conference? Works for me. I like watching these and just going with a stream of consciousness on my thoughts, using the all new, limited edition, BULLETPOINT feature (note, may not actually be new or limited). Jump with me and let’s get a little nerdy, shall we?

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Jun 6 '11

XBOX 360 E3 Press Conference: The Bulletpointening

Oh E3, you are so much fun. Microsoft is leading off E3 this year. I wonder how they decide order between the big 3? Anyway, this seemed to work last year, and it’s more fun for me to write, so I’m going to just type this sucker stream of consciousness style as I watch it. I’ll probably at least mention everything in the press conference but since I have it recorded, I’ll probably fast forward through things I don’t care about (read anything with Kinect in the title pretty much). Sadly I’m guessing that a looooot of time will be spent on Kinect. Not saying I blame them, but meh. To not clog the dashboards of 95% of the people that dont care, follow along after the jump won’t you?

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