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Nov 8 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 11 Picks

We are getting dangerously close to the end of the college football season kids. This makes me a sad panda. Let us go to this week’s slate.

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Nov 1 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 10 Predictions

Well kids, this is a week many have had circled since the schedules came out. Bama-LSU and USC-Oregon. Before the Trojans imploded people figured this would be a de facto semifinal for the year. It can certainly qualify as an eliminator showdown. Game on

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Oct 18 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 8 Picks

A lot of people hovering around the 50% winning percentage mark (full list here) while I continue to flail about. Posting on Thursdays is a terrible idea. But we do what we must. TO THUNDERDOME!

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Oct 11 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 7 Picks

Who wants to sex college football picks? Season standings and more can be seen here, but jump with me to this weeks cornucopia of wagering, won’t you?

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Oct 4 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 6 Predictions

Hope you kids enjoyed the week off of picking. Lord knows I needed it, even though I finally had a plus week for once in week 4. See how you did here, then hit the jump and let’s play the game we all came to play.

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Sep 6 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 2 Predictions

Well, well, well we survived week 1, so long as you aren’t a Pittsburgh fan (TKO via Penguin bites). If you want to know how you fared last week just click on the blue letters and be teleported to the past. Heavy. Continue on to make picks this week.

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Jan 9 '12

NDEddieMac’s 2k11 Bowl Pick Extravaganza: Title Game Score Update

Well kids, it’s all come down to this. In about 90 minutes the Alabama Crimson TIde will take on the undefeated LSU Tigers in the Superdome of New Orleans to decide who gets a crystal football. If Bama wins, we could hear talk of a split title, but hopefully tonight’s affair will be better than the 9-6 game that was as much ineffectual offense as it was defensive prowess.  But where do we stand in this battle of wills? Here are the scores to date, along with everyone’s pick in the title game.

Me: 29 points, LSU (38 tiebreak)
Don: 28 points, LSU (34 tiebreak)
Matt: 24 points
, LSU (48 tiebreak)
David: 24 points
, Bama (45 tiebreak) 
Kristin: 23 points, LSU (27 tiebreak)
NDTex: 22 points, LSU (27 tiebreak)
Brett: 19 points, LSU (33 tiebreak)
Brian: 18 points, LSU (1 tiebreak)

So going into the game, there are two people who can win. It’s a simple game. If LSU wins, I win. If Bama wins, David and I end up in a tie. Based on our picks, if the total is 41 or lower, I win, 42 and up, it’s all Dave’s. So either David will be getting all sorts of lavish prizes, or I just don’t have to mail anything, cause I’m awesome.  Thanks again to everyone for playing along. You guys are awesome.

Dec 4 '11

If only there was a way…

Okie State did as well as they could tonight. I mean, they beat the sam fuck out of OU. But odds, are? we still get stuck with Alabama-LSU part deux. This infuriates me for 2 reasons. The 1st: I don’t wanna watch them play again. It’s completely foolish to have a team play a team they’ve already lost to for the title. If Bama wins, they should have to play a rubber match. The 2nd part, which may anger me more: Is Alabama totally deserves to be #2. OSU did all they could, but they lost to Iowa State. ISU is fucking miserable. They’re a 6-6 team that should’ve been murdered. But on a Friday night, they pulled off a huge, double OT upset over Okie St. Bama’s only loss this year was to LSU, in overtime. How can you argue w/ a 3 point loss in OT to the #1 team in the land?? That’s the worst part. If only we could have Oklahoma State play Bama for a shot at LSU. Fucking BCS. It’s a great system when there’s a clear 1-2. You could argue you have that this year. But the thought of a team playing a team they already beat for a nat’l title blows my mind. Sports are stupid. I may be dumber. I’d love to hear yall’s thoughts on this. I just think a rematch is fundamentally retarded.

Dec 2 '11

College Football Final Picks

This is the last week of the year kids. We’ve got 4 conference title games and one de facto title game. An important song before we get to work. Since the Pac 12 game is tomorrow we won’t be picking it, but let’s be serious. Oregon -ALL THE POINTS. Before we get to the picks, this goes out to all you lovely people who have been joining me on this journey throughout the year:

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Nov 22 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 13 Picks

Well after an insane set of games last week, we come to “rivalry week” with all eyes on the SEC as they sit 1-2-3 in the BCS and a huge game between LSU and Arkansas on Friday. That game being Friday, and the last Lone Star Showdown being Thursday, forced an early set of picks. This could lead to lines that will change by Saturday, but as always, pick against the lines as listed here so we are all on the same page. Let’s do the damn thing, Thanksgiving flavored. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and gluttony, we will have more than five games. Lots of classic rivalry games featuring ranked teams, combined with possibility of people missing early games makes sense.

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Nov 3 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 10 Picks

There are several interesting games this week, the problem is they are all late kickoffs and only one game is really going to attract attention. That’s right, Oregon @ Washington is gonna be a barnburner. Oh, not that one? I’m sorry, that was a terrible joke and I’m ashamed. Luckily my punishment is already sentenced because I have to go to a wedding this Saturday. If you schedule a wedding in the fall, you are a dick. Don’t be those people. Onto the picks.

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Oct 20 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 8 Picks

THUNDERDOOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEE! 2 will enter, 1 will leave. This week has been painfully long for me. I haven’t been this hyped up for a game in awhile. I want murder. Let’s pick some games!

Season: 19-14-2

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Oct 6 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 6 Picks

Well kids, week 5 was pretty phenomenal for most of us here on the old blog. I went 4-1 to get comfortably over .500 again and we had 3 people go perfect. While this week’s slate isn’t nearly as good as last week’s on paper, hopefully we get some fun. Follow the jump for this week’s picks.

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Sep 22 '11

College Football Predictions 2k11 Week 4

Well, I finally got myself back to .500. Hopefully I can keep it that way. Wouldn’t you like to join as well? Solid slate this week, let’s do the damn thing.

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Sep 1 '11

Week 1 College Football Picks 2k11

On this glorious day, the opening day of college football, we shall give great thanks and praise to both the College Football Gods and the almighty Gamblor. Yall know the drill by now, each week I will pick 5 games (possibly more if there are just that many great ones) against the spread, because we do not play with skirts here. The 5 games I pick may not always be the best matchups, but could be the 5 I find the most interesting games, or interesting lines. There are also some weeks where a game is early that I can’t use (like TCU @ Baylor tomorrow) or the line isn’t up (like Miami vs Maryland). Sorry if I don’t pick your team. Also, the ND game is pretty much a given. Sorry for partying.

I will typically post these on Thursday evenings and will be using the spread at that given time from I will keep track of my record against both the spread and straight up for posterity. BUT WAIT, you too can play the home game. Down at the bottom of the post, you may either reply if you are a fellow Tumblr user, or use the comment box to make your pick. If you are using the comments make sure you go to the post itself, not the main page of the blog, otherwise the comment thing doesn’t show, it’s weird, I don’t get how interwebz work.

For those who don’t understand spreads, don’t be scared, it’s very simple, and this is the best place to try it. For each game i will list the teams like this: South Florida @ #16 Notre Dame (-11). What that means is that for ND to cover, they have to win by more than 11 points. If they win by exactly 11, it’s called a push. See, simple game, so jump into the deep-end.  Now, if you show up and decide to check a line and it’s different from mine, cool story bro, everyone picks against the posted line I used, because otherwise it makes no sense. Now if you happen to forget and don’t look at these until Saturday afternoon, it’s honor system, just pick the games that haven’t started. As the year goes on I will keep your records as well as mine. Ever wanted to prove how much better at life you are than me? Now is your time friend. So saddle up, cause here…we…go:

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