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Aug 26 '14

Notre Dame 2014 predictions: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So typically I’ll run through the schedule before the season and predict wins and losses. The problem with this year is four players, 3 starters and 2 of the top 5 on the team are out for an indefinite time. So honestly, I have no goddamn clue what to expect this year. At this point, all I feel comfortable penciling in is a W vs Rice and an L against FSU. Maybe we get everyone back next week and I feel a lot better and 10 wins is within reason. Or maybe they are out for the year and we are down around 6 wins. College football you are a fickle mistress, but damn did I miss you.

Sep 14 '13
Sep 7 '13
Sep 7 '13
Sep 7 '13

This game….

10-10 right now. Jesus, there’s no way I live past 60. GO IRISH

Sep 7 '13
Fuck Michigan!

(via @MsPotts_ESPN)

Fuck Michigan!

(via @MsPotts_ESPN)

Aug 31 '13


Aug 27 '13

College Football 2k13 Picks: Week 1

FOOTBALL BACK! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the greatest thing this world has to give us, college football, returns in two short days. This of course means the return of weekly picks that many of you won’t give a damn about. But I invite you all to play along in this season long happy fun ride. Rules and week 1 picks are below the jump to protect those of you that hate fun, football, and the American way.

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Aug 3 '13


College football comes back in just 4 short weeks, but damn it seems so far out. I have little idea what to expect out of ND this year. I think the D may actually be better, and we play a weaker schedule than last year on account of talent lost by opponents, but it’s hard to feel great when you can’t trust your own QB. I know his “heroic efforts” swayed some last year, but I saw nothing out of Rees that makes me think he should be a starting QB. Dude has a noodle arm and a propensity for sharing with others that, while great in kindergarten, is not awesome when it means the other team gets the ball as often as teammates. Combine that with the fact that he got VERY lucky CBs couldn’t catch on several of his entrances, the kid still scares the shit out of me. But hey, I thought last year we were looking at 8 wins and that turned out pretty well.

As for the rest of the country, well, having been a victim, the Saban Death Machine is indeed very real. Though they lost a lot of talent on the lines, you figure that’s gotta hurt at some point right? Ohio State has a damn good team and a hilaribad schedule, so they could waltz right in to the dance. Oregon is fucking stacked and could be a real problem. The Aggies should be good, but what’s funny is they have a tough road, and lost a ton of talent, including an all-world LT, which is gonna make life way harder for Manziel. Combine that with the fact people know to look out for him, I expect them to have a worse year. What will be funny/sad/terribly annoying on ESPN is when everything is blamed on “off field distractions” of JFF and the whole thing turns into feelingsball. Down the road from me is UT and, honestly, I have no fucking clue what to expect from them. Tons of talent, soft schedule, but they were such a clusterfuck last year. I’ve seen them picked 4th in the country and 4th in their own conference. Could be an interesting year. People are super high on SCAR, probably mostly due to Clowney, which is fair because he is the Juggernaut at this point, but I don’t see em doing too much. People seem to be sleeping on Georgia, they shouldn’t. Clemson is a very interesting team to me this year given the talent they have. That week 1 tilt will be a damn good one. 

Gun to my head I’d put OSU in the title game as they really just need to get through Michigan (and Purdue for them apparently the last few years). I want to pick against Bama and put the winner of Oregon-Stanford against them, but…well, I wouldn’t put money against Saban at this point. I learned that VERY expensive lesson last year.

Also, I realized the other day I never figured out who won my bowl pick ‘em due to my wanting to crawl in a hole and die after the curbstomping from Bama. I’m terribly sorry, that’s unacceptable. I plan on looking at it tomorrow, figuring out the winner, and getting them the LAVISH PRIZES* promised. Sorry again for the delay. As always, I’m an asshole.

We’re so damn close kids, where’s life tivo when you need it.

*prizes aren’t really that great

May 25 '13
Jan 4 '13

It’s time….for the big one

Tomorrow I fly to Miami for the National Title game on Monday. While ND has won one during my lifetime, it’s not like I even knew what my left hand was at age 3, so it’s hard to claim a lot of joy from that. If you know me, hell if you just read this blog or my twitter, you know full well how emotionally wrapped up in sports I am. It is to an admittedly weird and likely problematic degree, and no team means more to me than the University of Notre Dame. My dad went there, so I grew up with it. But it wasn’t until I went there that it really took over my soul.

Coming into the year I was…well…less than optimistic about ND’s chances at success this year. It’s amazing the success ND has had this year. Now the only thing standing in the way is the team that won 2 of the last 3 titles, the unbeatable Tide, led by their evil cyborg of a coach who only cares about murder and dominance in football, Nick Saban. But you know what? Fuck it, we’re just gonna win the whole damn thing. This will be a knock down, drag out war, but ND can win this football game. Both D’s are outstanding and I’ll happily put ND’s offensive talent against theirs. I get why we are the underdogs, but I think a lot more of it is based on the past 5 years, not this season.

Either way, this summer at my reunion myself and 2 of my old roomates spent a night just yelling and being angry about the state of ND football, wondering if we’d ever get back to the National Title level, and just a few months later, here we are, one game away. It’s gonna be a big weekend.

Go Irish

Nov 25 '12
Nov 22 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 13 picks

A happy Thanksgiving to all of you fine folks. I’ve never been as thankful for college football as I have this year for obvious reasons. In honor of the gluttony this day stands for, we’re going with a veritable cornucopia of games this weekend. While last week turned into a huge weekend, the slate sounded pretty below average. That is certainly not the case here. Away we go

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Nov 17 '12


This is actually happening. I’m 100% stunned right now. Coming into the year I was thinking 8 or 9 wins, I knew the front 7 was amazing but was terrified about our young secondary, the qb roulette, all of it. But here we are, 11-0, the lone undefeated, #1 in the land, best in the world. Notre Dame is one game away from the National Championship game. I can’t even fathom this. I’m completely stunned. All that is left is to beat USC. A game we will be up for because of the rivalry, but USC is down and Barkley probably won’t even play after he got blown up and had his shoulder separated today. I’m just so so happy right now. This is amazing. Go Irish

Nov 15 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 12 Picks

Week 12? Seriously?? Crazy. It’s sad how terrible this week’s slate is. Game on

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