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Jun 6 '12

Not like that…

This team was too good, too fun to watch, and too memorable to lose like that. There were some absolute horseeeeeeeeshit calls in the game, but there’s no way that game can be put on the refs. The Thunder flat out beat the hell out of the Spurs in the 2nd. The Spurs shot too well in the 1st half for anyone to think that would continue the same way all game, but Jeeeeeeeeeesus that got so so so cold. Tony went from supernova to arctic. They just couldn’t miss, we took bad shots. I just can’t believe that’s how this season ends. I mean, the Spurs scored 36 points in the 2nd half….they had 34 in the first fucking quarter alone!!

The main thing that hurts about this loss is I’m absolutely terrified it’s the last game I’ll ever watch Tim Duncan play. He can’t go out like that. We got flat out beat. The Thunder are 98% unhateable. If it weren’t for Derek Fisher being on the team, who I hope all the bad things in the world happen to him and nobody but him, they’d be completely unhateable. Kevin Durant is the 2nd best player in the world and my favorite non Spur by a good 4000 miles. I hope the beat the every living hell out of either East team. But still…fuck…not like that. Sometimes I hate you so much sports. This one hurt…a lot.