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Feb 13 '14
One of the greatest gifs of all time.

One of the greatest gifs of all time.

(Source: theagonyofdefeat)

Aug 12 '12

Delicious, glorious, American OWNAGE

Jul 28 '12


I was delighted to find handball on tv when I woke up today. I was even happier that people on twitter have jumped on board the bangwagon of the greatest niche sport that has ever niched. I saw some call it the “curling of the summer olympics” as the goofy sport nobody think about except for during the olympics, at which point everyone gets on board. I’m ok with that. This is the best game ever. I’m still convinced I’d be amazing at it too. You all need to get on board this bandwagon, there is plenty of room, and it’s going to glorious places.

Jun 15 '12
Feb 28 '10


Terribly demoralizing ending there, but what an amazing game. Ryan Miller played out of his freaking mind, I don’t care if we ended up losing that game. Hell of a final, good effort USA.

Feb 28 '10

That was amazing!!!

Ryan Miller and Zach Parise are totally getting laid tonight. What a ridiculous game this has been. Go America, here’s to an OT gold medal win!

Feb 28 '10

Going in to the 3rd down 2-1. Time for a comeback. Go America!

Feb 21 '10

Hockey time kids. USA! USA! USA!

Feb 18 '10

Why is the US so bad at curling?


Why do I care about curling?

You care about curling cause it’s baller. We are bad at curling because none of them have seen the Blake speech from GlenGary GlenRoss. It’s a simple strategy. ALWAYS BE CLOSING. The 2014 team of you, me, Matt-T and a fourth TBA is going to be unstoppable.

Feb 16 '10
Love you Curling

Love you Curling

Feb 16 '10

Is it wrong…

that I want to say screw Law, I’m going to become an Olympic Curler? Who’s with me?