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You've gotta be smart, I mean, you've got a sportscoat

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Nov 20 '12
Mar 4 '12

How I spend Saturday Nights

So I woke up super hungover today, but some law school friends were in town randomly and wanted to get some lunch. Felt like a champ, drank all day, then ended up back at home, nothing really drawing me out, but I had Real Steel from Netflix, and let me tell you kids. It was hilarrrrrriously great. If you already follow me on twitter, you know my thoughts, but i decided drunkenly livetweeting my viewing of the movie was what needed to happen.  I missed about the 1st 20 minutes, and really dont understand why Evangeline Lilly is in the movie at all, but it was super fun. I advise watching it, under the influence fo something. If nothing else, I hope my tweets can encourage you. I have way too many thoughts/feelings on this movie.