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Aug 28 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 1 Predictions (FRIDAY GAME)

Well hello again kids, it’s that time again. Thankfully our long national nightmare is coming to an end in a mere two days. Because I’m addicted to both college football and gambling, I’ve posted 5 picks the last few years on this here blog. Everyone knows it’s more fun when lots of people play along, so I invite you all to make your picks in either the replies or comments depending on if you too have a tumblr. Last year’s winner was my good friend Donnie B. who pulled an impressive 54% (37-28-3) record last year. I ended up just under 50 with a 49% (37-35-3) falling below the halfway mark the last week of the season. For those curious, the records of everyone can be found here. Not this year. Come past the jump to play along.

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Nov 10 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 11 Picks

There’s been a whole lot of College Football news this week, with none of it relating to football itself. Many people have written great pieces on the horrible situation at Penn State, I don’t plan to. I’m here because I love sports, and sports are supposed to be fun. In honor of that, we’re going jumbo sized this week. Sure picking 5 games is fun, but this week if you pick 5 games, I’ll throw in 2 more for free. That’s right, 7 games! If you’re behind in the standings you can make a big jump this week. If you are crushing it, you can step on the throat of the silly weaklings. That and I don’t want to get yelled at for leaving games out. It would’ve been 8 if GT-VT was Saturday instead of tonight. Let’s do this thing.

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Sep 1 '11

Week 1 College Football Picks 2k11

On this glorious day, the opening day of college football, we shall give great thanks and praise to both the College Football Gods and the almighty Gamblor. Yall know the drill by now, each week I will pick 5 games (possibly more if there are just that many great ones) against the spread, because we do not play with skirts here. The 5 games I pick may not always be the best matchups, but could be the 5 I find the most interesting games, or interesting lines. There are also some weeks where a game is early that I can’t use (like TCU @ Baylor tomorrow) or the line isn’t up (like Miami vs Maryland). Sorry if I don’t pick your team. Also, the ND game is pretty much a given. Sorry for partying.

I will typically post these on Thursday evenings and will be using the spread at that given time from I will keep track of my record against both the spread and straight up for posterity. BUT WAIT, you too can play the home game. Down at the bottom of the post, you may either reply if you are a fellow Tumblr user, or use the comment box to make your pick. If you are using the comments make sure you go to the post itself, not the main page of the blog, otherwise the comment thing doesn’t show, it’s weird, I don’t get how interwebz work.

For those who don’t understand spreads, don’t be scared, it’s very simple, and this is the best place to try it. For each game i will list the teams like this: South Florida @ #16 Notre Dame (-11). What that means is that for ND to cover, they have to win by more than 11 points. If they win by exactly 11, it’s called a push. See, simple game, so jump into the deep-end.  Now, if you show up and decide to check a line and it’s different from mine, cool story bro, everyone picks against the posted line I used, because otherwise it makes no sense. Now if you happen to forget and don’t look at these until Saturday afternoon, it’s honor system, just pick the games that haven’t started. As the year goes on I will keep your records as well as mine. Ever wanted to prove how much better at life you are than me? Now is your time friend. So saddle up, cause here…we…go:

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