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Jun 7 '11

Sony E3 Presser via this guy

Yall know the drill by now. I’ve already been through the XBOX presser here, expect the same set up here, but Sony flavored. As for what I expect, this could be interesting. First, Sony has to deal with all the PSN shenanigans that have taken place w/ the hacks that have taken place. They’ve gotten murdered lately, especially having gone down the week that Portal 2, Mortal Kombat, and Socom 4, all huge multiplayer games, dropped. After that, I can’t wait for some Uncharted 3 info. Sadly a lot of this will likely be on the NGP, and I just don’t care about portables. We’ll see though, some rumors make it sound like this sucker is a ps3 in a can pretty much. Even worse, I’m hoping we don’t have to spend the whole time hearing about 3D like last year. Hard to blame Sony, one of the biggest 3D TV producers around, from this type of nepotism though. Plus, there’s always Move (dismissive hand wank). I’m just hoping for some Kevin Butler. If Sony is smart, he would be a good tool for the PSN apology, but who knows. Jump around for the livemind.

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