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Oct 4 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 6 Predictions

Hope you kids enjoyed the week off of picking. Lord knows I needed it, even though I finally had a plus week for once in week 4. See how you did here, then hit the jump and let’s play the game we all came to play.

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Sep 6 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 2 Predictions

Well, well, well we survived week 1, so long as you aren’t a Pittsburgh fan (TKO via Penguin bites). If you want to know how you fared last week just click on the blue letters and be teleported to the past. Heavy. Continue on to make picks this week.

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Nov 18 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 12 Picks

At this point in the year, we are all looking at two teams. If Okie State and LSU can win out, they will play for the shiny ball. If one loses, a few teams will have arguments for a shot at the unscathed. If both lose? Well, we will have quite a fun situation, won’t we. Anyway, to this week’s slate.

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Nov 10 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 11 Picks

There’s been a whole lot of College Football news this week, with none of it relating to football itself. Many people have written great pieces on the horrible situation at Penn State, I don’t plan to. I’m here because I love sports, and sports are supposed to be fun. In honor of that, we’re going jumbo sized this week. Sure picking 5 games is fun, but this week if you pick 5 games, I’ll throw in 2 more for free. That’s right, 7 games! If you’re behind in the standings you can make a big jump this week. If you are crushing it, you can step on the throat of the silly weaklings. That and I don’t want to get yelled at for leaving games out. It would’ve been 8 if GT-VT was Saturday instead of tonight. Let’s do this thing.

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Oct 28 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 9 picks

I hate football at this point. It also just occured to me I forgot to post results from last week…yah, I’ll do that next. On to picks that will likely be horrible because I, much like my team and college football, suck. Jumpy time

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Sep 29 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 5 Picks

This week has some fantastic matchups once again. the 7o’clock spot is insanely packed, good thing I’ve got 2 working tvs now! < 3 u living in the future. After last week I slipped back below 50% because I’m a failure. Let’s rectify that weak noise, shall we? Play along post-jump:

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