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Aug 26 '14

NCAA 2k14 Predictions

I have no idea. This year is super weird. If I had to pick 4 for the playoffs I’d go FSU, Sparty, UCLA, and either Georgia or LSU, haven’t made up my mind yet. It should be Oregon’s year but I’m too pro Myles Jack to pick against UCLA. Honestly tho, this year is gonna be super weird. Here it is in video form:

Sep 19 '13

College Football 2k13 Picks: Week 4

Welp, after last week having the game of the year of the century of the millennium, we have a terrrrrrrrrrrible slate this week. Oh well, shitty CFB is wayyyy better than no CFB. Let’s do the damn thing.

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Sep 12 '13

College Football 2k13 Picks: Week 3

Wellllllllll we are on to week 3. The good news is we have the GAME OF THE YEAR OF THE WEEK OF THE CENTURY via A&M and Bama. Let’s get it.

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Sep 5 '13

College Football 2k13 Picks: Week 2

Surprisingly, week 2’s slate looks more like what you would expect from a week 1 slate. Not a lot of great games, but two big ones and a reason for me to inquire about a xanax prescription. Week 1 results are here. Let’s dance buckaroos.

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Aug 27 '13

College Football 2k13 Picks: Week 1

FOOTBALL BACK! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the greatest thing this world has to give us, college football, returns in two short days. This of course means the return of weekly picks that many of you won’t give a damn about. But I invite you all to play along in this season long happy fun ride. Rules and week 1 picks are below the jump to protect those of you that hate fun, football, and the American way.

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Dec 30 '12

College Football 2k12 BOWLSTRAVAGANZAAAAAAAAA Round 1 Point Totals

Here’s a quick rundown of the results to this point and the scores for everybody after the early slate of bowls post jump.

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Dec 28 '12

College Football 2k12 BOWLSTRAVAGANZAAAAAAAAA Rounds 2 & 3

Well kids, we are moving through the Round 1 games at rapid pace and I hope you are faring better than me because holy hell I am terrible at this. As a refresher, Round 2 will be composed of every non BCS game that takes place starting 12/31, with each game being worth 2 points. The BCS games will be worth 3 points. The National Title game will be worth 5 points. As a tiebreaker please give your guess for the total number of points scored in the National  Title Game. If somehow it is still tied here’s how I’ll decide a winner: Who picked more BCS games right, Who picked more Total games right, Whoever of the tied people says the nicest thing to me the day I add up the points.  The points for Round 1 can be seen here. Go get em

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Dec 13 '12

College Football 2k12 BOWLSTRAVAGANZAAAAAAAAA Round 1

Well, we’ve had our fun this year haven’t we? But it’s bowl time. That time of the year when there are way too many shitty games that shouldn’t exist, but we will watch all of them due to the impending desolate wasteland that is the college football void. I’m getting the shakes just thinking about it. Just like last year, business is about to pick up because, that’s right, PRIZES ON THE LINE! Now, the winner will get something guaranteed to blow their minds out of amazement* (*note this is not an actual guarantee and is probably a total lie). What is the prize you ask? I don’t know yet. It could be an all expenses paid trip to Tahiti. It could be a cheeto that kind of looks like a horse. It could be a sexy night out on the town with yours truly you lucky dogs. Prizes are TBD, but hey, you like free dont ya?

Anyway, last year I did this in three stages and it worked pretty well. The first round, the page you are currently reading, will cover all the bowls starting on Saturday 12/15 through Saturday 12/29. These games will be worth 1 point a piece, because most of these games are terrible. Round 2 will be all of the bowls that take place starting New Year’s Eve, Monday 12/31, that are not BCS bowls. These games, since they are “better” bowls, will be worth 2 points. Round 3 will obviously be the BCS games and the National Title game. The BCS games will be worth 3 points, the Title game will be 5. The tiebreaker will be your guess for the total points scored in the title game. Also, yes, lines will move, but only pick against the ones posted. If you make up your own lines your pick is wrong.

After the jump will be the first Round of games. I’ll put up the round 2 and 3 picks sometime after Christmas, along with a score update once all of the Round 1 games are completed. If you have been playing all year, THANKS! Please continue to enjoy the shenanigans. If you’ve just read along and thought eh, I missed weeks so I’m done. Now is a perfect time to jump in because it’s a clean slate, so fuck it, let’s go bowling kids.

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Nov 29 '12

College Football 2k12 Week the last picks =(

That’s right kids, we’ve come to the end, your appropriate music is here of course. I will likely do a Bowlstravaganza like last year, and may even offer up a prize to the winner. Of course I’ll just try to win again so I don’t actually have to give something to you people. The scoreboard can be found at the bottom of this post, but let’s ride. Note the Pac 12 game is FRIDAY so get your picks in

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Nov 29 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 13 Results

Lots of opportunities for improvement or punishment with the big slate last week. Let’s see how it went post-jump since it’ll be longer than normal.

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Nov 22 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 13 picks

A happy Thanksgiving to all of you fine folks. I’ve never been as thankful for college football as I have this year for obvious reasons. In honor of the gluttony this day stands for, we’re going with a veritable cornucopia of games this weekend. While last week turned into a huge weekend, the slate sounded pretty below average. That is certainly not the case here. Away we go

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Nov 22 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 12 Results

Wake Forest @ #3 Notre Dame (-24)
Pick: ND
Result: 38-0 ND, WIN

Finally ND came out and just beat the hell out of a team. ND started strong with a beautiful 68 yard Cierre Wood TD on an option pitch and never looked back.

#13 Stanford @ #2 Oregon (-20.5)
Pick: Stanford
Result: 17-14 Stanford (OT), WIN

What a ballgame this was. Stanford’s D finally slowed down the Hyperspeed Ducks and Oregon was the latest team to fall thanks to College Kickers.

#12 Oklahoma (-11) @ West Virgina
Pick: OU
Result: 50-49 OU, LOSS

This game was craaaaaaaaaaaaazy. Sadly it was on at the same time as the Oregon and Kansas Sate games but it was just points on points on points. Tavon Austin did everything he could to give WFVU the win, but it was not enough. 

#18 USC (-3.5) @ #17 UCLA
Pick: USC
Result: 38-28 UCLA, LOSS

This game started out looking like it would be a blowout, but USC put up a bit of a fight late. The big story was obviously Matt Barkley getting KTFOd by a beautiful blindside shot by Anthony Barr. Barr’s dad, ND’s own Tony Brooks.

#23 Texas Tech @ #24 Oklahoma State (-10)
Pick: Tech
Result: 59-21 OSU, LOSS

Just a blowout in this game. Totally botched this pick.

This week: 2-3
Season: 24-29-2 (44%)

Another ugly week because I’m the worst. Need to really pick it up to get above 50%. Let’s see how yall did:

Kristin: This Week: 3-2 Season: 29-24-2 (53%)
Gimber: This Week: 2-3 Season: 24-20-2 (52%)
aheadofme: This Week: 2-3 Season: 27-26-2 (49%)
Donnie B: This Week: 1-4   Season: 24-24-2 (48%)
ndtex: This Week: 3-2  Season: 22-31-2 (40%)
JustinONeill: This Week: 2-3 Season: 14-20-1 (40%)
Brett L: This Week: 1-4 Season: 19-33-1 (36%)
Slav: This Week:  Season: 6-8-1 (40%)

Previous players that didn’t guess:
Judson: This Week:   Season: 17-12-1 (57%)
Dlawnd07: This Week:  Season: 18-21-1 (45%)
JTExperience: This Week:  Season: 11-13-1 (44%)
leeleeleelee: This Week:   Season: 24-24-2 (48%)

Nov 15 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 12 Picks

Week 12? Seriously?? Crazy. It’s sad how terrible this week’s slate is. Game on

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Nov 15 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 11 Results

#4 Notre Dame (-19) @ Boston College
Pick: ND
Result: 21-6 ND, LOSS

Defensive dominance and enough offense to win. This was a pretty boring game, nothing really much to say about it. I’m still gonna pick ND to cover this week, but if you were wagering, you probably shouldn’t…

#15 Texas A&M @ #1 Alabama (-14)
Pick: A&M
Result: 29-24 A&M, WIN

Johnny Football is a GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Seriously, this game was awesome and down goes #1. This game was awesome.

#2 Kansas St (-7.5) @ TCU
Pick: TCU
Result: 23-10 KSt, LOSS

This game was not fun however. KSt did enough to get the win in this one.

#21 Mississippi St @ #7 LSU (-15)
Pick: LSU
Result: 37-17 LSU, WIN

I know absolutely nothing about this game except that it happened and the final score was 37-17. Analysis

#11 Oregon St. @ #14 Stanford (-4)
Pick: Oregon St
Result: 27-23 Stanford, PUPUSH IT REAL GOOD

Oh Trees, you so crazy.

This week: 2-2-1
Season: 22-26-2 (44%)

How did you lovely people do?

Gimber: This Week: 2-2-1 Season: 22-17-2 (54%)
Kristin: This Week: 2-2-1 Season: 26-22-2 (52%)
Donnie B: This Week:  4-0-1  Season: 23-20-2 (51%)
aheadofme: This Week: 1-3-1 Season: 25-23-2 (50%)
leeleeleelee: This Week:  3-1-1 Season: 24-24-2 (48%)
ndtex: This Week: 1-3-1  Season: 19-29-2 (38%)
Brett L: This Week: 3-0 Season: 18-29-1 (38%)
Slav: This Week: 3-1-1 Season: 6-8-1 (40%)

Previous players that didn’t guess:
Judson: This Week:   Season: 17-12-1 (57%)
Dlawnd07: This Week:  Season: 18-21-1 (45%)
JTExperience: This Week:  Season: 11-13-1 (44%)
JustinONeill: This Week:  Season: 12-17-1 (40%)

Nov 8 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 11 Picks

We are getting dangerously close to the end of the college football season kids. This makes me a sad panda. Let us go to this week’s slate.

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