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You've gotta be smart, I mean, you've got a sportscoat

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Apr 14 '13

Posted these on twitter earlier but yeah, this is why I should stick to video game sports. Touch football got a little violent for the home team.

Aug 13 '12

Where are you optimism?

So here we are, 19 days away from the beginning of Notre Dame’s college football season in Ireland against Navy. Usually by this time of the year I’ve talked myself into some insane way that the Irish will get into the title game, or at least the BCS. Seemingly without fail I always expect big things, even when I know I shouldn’t.(Jump for those of you that don’t give a damn about NDFB

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Jul 28 '12


I was delighted to find handball on tv when I woke up today. I was even happier that people on twitter have jumped on board the bangwagon of the greatest niche sport that has ever niched. I saw some call it the “curling of the summer olympics” as the goofy sport nobody think about except for during the olympics, at which point everyone gets on board. I’m ok with that. This is the best game ever. I’m still convinced I’d be amazing at it too. You all need to get on board this bandwagon, there is plenty of room, and it’s going to glorious places.

Jul 27 '12


I spend way too much time thinking about time travel. Then I think about how much of my time I just wasted and wish I had a time machine to go back and get my time back. But I somewhat fear that it would turn into some sort of looping situation which would complete make my time irrelevant.

What makes me sad about this post is I know that Time Travel won’t exist in my lifetime. Because if it did, I would’ve definitely come back in time to tell myself how to game the system and be just crazy rich.

Jun 6 '12

Not like that…

This team was too good, too fun to watch, and too memorable to lose like that. There were some absolute horseeeeeeeeshit calls in the game, but there’s no way that game can be put on the refs. The Thunder flat out beat the hell out of the Spurs in the 2nd. The Spurs shot too well in the 1st half for anyone to think that would continue the same way all game, but Jeeeeeeeeeesus that got so so so cold. Tony went from supernova to arctic. They just couldn’t miss, we took bad shots. I just can’t believe that’s how this season ends. I mean, the Spurs scored 36 points in the 2nd half….they had 34 in the first fucking quarter alone!!

The main thing that hurts about this loss is I’m absolutely terrified it’s the last game I’ll ever watch Tim Duncan play. He can’t go out like that. We got flat out beat. The Thunder are 98% unhateable. If it weren’t for Derek Fisher being on the team, who I hope all the bad things in the world happen to him and nobody but him, they’d be completely unhateable. Kevin Durant is the 2nd best player in the world and my favorite non Spur by a good 4000 miles. I hope the beat the every living hell out of either East team. But still…fuck…not like that. Sometimes I hate you so much sports. This one hurt…a lot.

Jun 6 '12


I’m not ready to say goodbye to this year’s team, and potentially Timmy forever. If you want to watch me lose my mind, follow the twitters. I love everything about the Thunder, KD is my favorite non Spur in the league, but their time is not yet…I hope.


May 31 '12


After a fun few days in Atlanta with my family watching some BARVES action, I’m waiting at the airport to head up to ND for my five year reunion. I’m sure my friends and I will act like responsible adults, attend all the actual reunion events like lectures, and get plenty of sleep.

Yah, definitely not going to do back to back to back Backer runs and spend the whole time boozing with my buddies.

Mar 4 '12

How I spend Saturday Nights

So I woke up super hungover today, but some law school friends were in town randomly and wanted to get some lunch. Felt like a champ, drank all day, then ended up back at home, nothing really drawing me out, but I had Real Steel from Netflix, and let me tell you kids. It was hilarrrrrriously great. If you already follow me on twitter, you know my thoughts, but i decided drunkenly livetweeting my viewing of the movie was what needed to happen.  I missed about the 1st 20 minutes, and really dont understand why Evangeline Lilly is in the movie at all, but it was super fun. I advise watching it, under the influence fo something. If nothing else, I hope my tweets can encourage you. I have way too many thoughts/feelings on this movie.

Feb 14 '12



dream - He Loves U Not

This is my Valentine’s Day contribution. Don’t ask for anything else.

Pretty much.

I should be ashamed, but I’m not. I love this song

Jan 12 '12
Inexplicably found myself in a ridiculous meme war with a friend of mine. I decided for the final blow to meme myself. Figured I’d share, just because it amuses me. Consider it a late GPOYW

Inexplicably found myself in a ridiculous meme war with a friend of mine. I decided for the final blow to meme myself. Figured I’d share, just because it amuses me. Consider it a late GPOYW

Dec 2 '11

College Football Final Picks

This is the last week of the year kids. We’ve got 4 conference title games and one de facto title game. An important song before we get to work. Since the Pac 12 game is tomorrow we won’t be picking it, but let’s be serious. Oregon -ALL THE POINTS. Before we get to the picks, this goes out to all you lovely people who have been joining me on this journey throughout the year:

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Nov 26 '11

Since I’m Twitter jailed…

Notre Dame just lost to Stanford 28-14. A late TD made it look better than it was. The 1st half was absolutely miserable. Penalties, turnovers, inability to get plays off, everything that has happened bad during ND games happened in full form. Rees got banged up on a big hit, leading to Kelly putting Hendrix in. This led to some questions from folks, but whatever, if that’s who he wanted to go with, fine.

The main issue is when Rees came back, Kelly decided to start flip flopping the two qb’s play for play. Unsurprisingly, turnovers happened. This of course is after Rees couldn’t get snaps off and we had multiple false starts. In the last week of the year, that shit is just unacceptable. I’m done defending Kelly after this game. At some point you have to show something. This many dumb mistakes at this point in the year is insane. Are there mitigating factors? Sure. Having Braxton Cave out is painful. And I guess you can argue it’s a road game, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Palo Alto listed as a dangerous place to play.

The good news is, there were some bright points. The D played pretty well in the 2nd half. As bad as the 1st was, they stepped up big time in the 2nd. Aaron Lynch is an absolute monster on the Defensive Line. His classmate Stephon Tuitt has shown huge strides this year as well, but missed the game due to some mystery illness that’s been floating around this week. Once Hendrix came in full time during the 2nd half, he showed flashes of success. Yes there was a pick on a ball that was tipped due to being overthrown, but he at least had some success, unlike Rees today.

Odds are, we end up in the Champs Sports Bowl. Am I happy, clearly no, but you take the opportunity and make the most of the extra practice time. Plus, whoever runs their twitter account is awesome. I’ve said this before tonight, but then I had a little exchange with them (here) which was quite amusing. Before the year, I predicted ND going 10-2 in the regular season (read all the idiocy here) with a non BCS bowl win. I always expected to lose to Stanford. The loss tonight is not what’s demoralizing. Just like against USF and Michigan, is was the way we lost that is so damned frustrating. Moreover, the fact that it was ANOTHER time in which sloppy execution, stupid penalties, and ridiculous strategy played such a big part. But it seems like a given we will play FSU in Orlando, and so that will happen. Whatever, I’m done with this year.

So where do we go from here? Lots of people keep saying that this team is on the way up, Kelly will right the ship, etc. I want Kelly to be the guy, but I dont see next year being better. In fact, I see next year being far, far worse. ND’s schedule gets much tougher. The usual suspects appear, with USC and Michigan a year better and further into their new outfits. Add in Miami and Oklahoma in Norman? Plus, the first week of the year ND plays in Dublin against Navy. Navy is a strange enough opponent, but following what is sure to be tons of pomp and circumstance in a different country? That’s a strange opener at the very least.

Now let’s look at what ND loses talent wise. 3 Offensive line starters. Arguably (yes I will argue it) the best WR in the land in Michael Floyd, all 4 starters in your secondary….Sure, the Irish have a lot of young talent, but come on man, you think you will be better with all those guys gone?? I have a hard time believing there wont be a huge drop off.

Maybe I’m being overly dramatic. It wouldn’t be the first time. But I’m yet to see anything leading me to believe that A) Brian Kelly can be the guy and B) we will be any better next year. I hope like hell I’m wrong. I love what Kelly’s done in his career and thought it was a great hire. But how are you having the same issues in the last week of the year that you had at the beginning? How can your team come out so flat in big games so frequently? We’ll just have to see next year. At least I’ll always have my chat with a bowl game.

Oct 19 '11

This is a terrible idea…

The 2005 USC game is on Versus right now. Watching this is a miserable idea. I go back and forth between this game and the .4 Spurs WCF game as the worst sporting moments of my life, both of which I was in attendance for mind you. This is honestly one of the greatest football games I ever saw, but the ending left such a bad taste in my mouth I’ve never been able to go back.

While it sounds completely bitchmade, I will go to my grave saying we won this game. I mean, I was on the field as we all charged because the clock said 0:00 with us winning Everyone points to the Bush Push, but I still say the play before where Leinart fumbled out of bounds and the refs gave not only the forward progress spot, but stopped the clock, was the true injustice. Either way, as if my hate level wasn’t high enough yet, this game may just do it. I love you Colin, you’re my boy, but I wish nothing but pain and sorrow upon yours until Sunday.

Sep 28 '11

Baseball is stupid

Hate you Philadelphia. So much. More importantly, hate you Braves. That last month and a half? Seriously?!?!? The Mets think you should quit sniping their style