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Jun 4 '12

Eddie Mac on E3 2k12: Sony Press Conference

Microsoft led off, Sony will cap the night. I’m betting on a Vita price cut and a lot of info on it throughout. Hoping to hear about some God of War, more about Smash Bros. Playstation version, and hopefully some new Bioshock footage, and more. Away we go.

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Jun 16 '10

Sony E3 Press Conference: My Thoughts

I liked the way the Nintendo breakdown went compared to the Microsoft one, so I’m going with some more BULLET POINT MADNESS, stream of consciousness for this one. Before we get to it, I’m expecting a whole lot of Playstation Move talk, much like we got with the Kinect focus during the Microsoft presser yesterday. Sony also seems to be making a big push with 3D (helps when you have 3D TVs coming out to sell as well) so I’m guess we will get a lot of that. I’m pretty on record as being anti the new 3D trend, but maybe Sony will change my mind a little bit. Also, I’m not a handheld gamer, so I will probably gloss over PSP announcements. If you are looking for those, sorry kids. Also worth noting, I do not have G4 in HD, so I may not get all of the graphic greatness of some of the videos. Come on down the nerdy rabbit hole with me after the jump.

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