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You've gotta be smart, I mean, you've got a sportscoat

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Nov 8 '12

College Football 2k12 Week 11 Picks

We are getting dangerously close to the end of the college football season kids. This makes me a sad panda. Let us go to this week’s slate.

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Nov 10 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 11 Picks

There’s been a whole lot of College Football news this week, with none of it relating to football itself. Many people have written great pieces on the horrible situation at Penn State, I don’t plan to. I’m here because I love sports, and sports are supposed to be fun. In honor of that, we’re going jumbo sized this week. Sure picking 5 games is fun, but this week if you pick 5 games, I’ll throw in 2 more for free. That’s right, 7 games! If you’re behind in the standings you can make a big jump this week. If you are crushing it, you can step on the throat of the silly weaklings. That and I don’t want to get yelled at for leaving games out. It would’ve been 8 if GT-VT was Saturday instead of tonight. Let’s do this thing.

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