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Jul 26 '12




My life thus far has been leading up to the release of this video.


The Ultimate Nick Arcade Megamix turns all those little song-and-dances the host did into the ’90s jam you’ve always wanted.

I remember these little improvised songs the host would sing. I laughed out loud after 2 verses when I realized everything would loop together perfectly. Then around 4:00 he starts singing about the jungle for some reason.

“We’re in the jungle, booga booga booga booga.”

“Boom shacka lacka, we’re in the jungle.”

Also check out this guy’s amazing series of 90s shirts.

holy crap, dude

So many things: First off, whoever made this is awesome, because this is amazing. Second, I loved this show growing up. The “3D” boss fight at the end that was really just you on a green screen looked awesome. Third, I would’ve been so damn good at this show it’s not even funny. I wanted to get on so bad.

Jun 8 '12



via  @MayorBurnsy

I want a 20 part series of these guys’ adventures ala Trapped in the Closet. Possibly the greatest rap song of all time.

Dec 2 '11

College Football Final Picks

This is the last week of the year kids. We’ve got 4 conference title games and one de facto title game. An important song before we get to work. Since the Pac 12 game is tomorrow we won’t be picking it, but let’s be serious. Oregon -ALL THE POINTS. Before we get to the picks, this goes out to all you lovely people who have been joining me on this journey throughout the year:

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Sep 30 '11

Now this is how you do an intro video.

I’ll likely wait for NBA 2k12 to drop to $40 or so given that I’ll never sell 2k11 (Jordan mode challenges are too fun), to get the new set of historic teams and improved My Player, but this is awesome.

Sep 29 '11

College Football 2k11 Week 5 Picks

This week has some fantastic matchups once again. the 7o’clock spot is insanely packed, good thing I’ve got 2 working tvs now! < 3 u living in the future. After last week I slipped back below 50% because I’m a failure. Let’s rectify that weak noise, shall we? Play along post-jump:

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May 24 '11


Adele performing Someone Like You at the Brit Awards

Mesmerizing to watch her perform.  So full of emotion, and the sound, the tone of her voice is all encompassing.  

Pretty sure Adele could sing the damn phone book and it would be amazing. She’s insanely talented, and this song is awesome. Just stupid good.

May 23 '11

That Timberlake kid…he’s talented. Not surpringly, this episode of SNL was awesome.

Mar 20 '11

I know tonight’s contest is a basketball game, not football, but a FSU vs Notre Dame contest morally obligates me to post this. Need to keep this March run going tonight. LET’S GO IRISH!!

Jan 15 '11


28 and Counting for Floyd

Every glorious TD that the Cannon has ever given to ND thus far. I’m hoping for a healthy year and adding say….11 to that total next year.

Dec 30 '10

Viva El Jefe! Viva El Churro!

(you should already know, from the mad geniuses of House Rock Built)

Nov 25 '10

This is the representative of all that is evil. It must be defeated. Your streak will not be that of the poodle’s Kiffykins. Go Irish


Nov 11 '10

Toronto Tourism ad: 'White Vegas' from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.


In a recent article, Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports called Toronto “White Vegas,” claiming that former Raptor Chris Bosh’s stats were inflated because visiting players were worn out from partying with strippers.

And you know what? He was right!

White Vegas!”

Just keep on being the best, Jones Gang.

Man The Basketball Jones is just greatness

Nov 1 '10



Frightened Rabbit ft. Craig Finn - Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Live at Terminal 5)


So so best. Can’t wait for Hold Steady on Sunday, so pissed I missed Frightened Rabbit a few weeks back.

Oct 6 '10

Spirit Animal

Sep 17 '10

Week 3 College Football Picks

It certainly isn’t MONSTER SATURDAY RARRRRRRRR, but this week should have some solid matchups for us to enjoy. Will we see another team drop to a 1AA school? Will we have anymore hilarious upsets? Will I spend all of Saturday crying again? Let’s see what we’ve got, shall we?

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